Capcom Scrapped A Version Of Resident Evil 4 That Looks Amazing

Capcom revitalized the Resident Evil series with the fourth game when Leon’s adventure forever changed the way the games would play. For better or worse, it’s stuck with the franchise ever since. What you may not know is that Capcom had a working version of Resident Evil 4 that closely resembled the old school games while retaining some of what made the actual RE4 a breath of fresh air.

If you watch the below video, you’re going to instantly think of a game that so many people want a sequel to: Eternal Darkness. This is Resident Evil mixed with Eternal Darkness and it is excellent. From what we can deduce from this video, it looks as if Leon is suffering from some sort of hallucination drugs or maybe even a new strain of virus. The results may be a bit corny to some people but playing this for the first time in the dark would equal plenty of cheap scares followed by intense fights when the hallucinations actually become corporal.

The video shows off gameplay, lighting, and combat. It also shows you the original concept for Leon which we saw way back when the game was announced. What’s really weird is that the graphics and movements seem a lot better than what we got from the actual RE4. Everything just seems so smooth. Even the enemy Leon is fighting towards the end of the video makes combat look like you need to be on your toes and only stop moving when you got plenty of distance.


Screen capture from the video. Lighting looked really good in this concept.


In fact, this game could still work. Perhaps they could use this as the Vita Resident Evil game. A console version wouldn’t make sense right now as Capcom is seemingly using the consoles only for big numbered releases now while the handhelds are getting spin-offs and side stories.

I can’t help but really want to play this version of RE4. I don’t think the actual game was bad. Not by any means. However, this video really gives me a glimpse at what I wanted from an old school Resident Evil game mixed in with a new engine and some updated gameplay. Sure, REmake gave us the best of the best when it came to old school gameplay but this just excites me. This could have been the evolution of the series that gave that much needed breath of fresh air while still retaining the horror factor.

I know this video isn’t new and may be known by many of you already but imagine what Resident 5 and 6 would have been like if Capcom stuck with this version of the fourth game. This franchise would be almost completely different if this concept survived the chopping block.

Speaking of chopping block, a user commented saying that this concept was scrapped because Capcom thought it contained too much supernatural and that was Silent Hill’s realm. I highly disagree.




Tell us below what you think of this footage and if you would rather of have this or the actual released version of RE4.