Apocalypse Survival Guide: Top 4 Weapons to Have At The End

Many of you may be aware that on December 21st of this year the world is scheduled to end, according to the long dead civilisation of the Mayans.(For anyone who is blissfully unaware of this here’s a wikipedia link to shed some light).Obviously this theory is.. well a theory, but let’s not be hasty, if the world was ending and things were going seriously wrong wouldn’t you like to know what to arm yourself with? Well I have performed the public service of compiling the top four weapons from four top games for defending yourself from whatever the end may throw at you.

Halo: Reach

With Halo 4 shortly on it’s way the gun cabinet of both the UNSC and The Covenant seem a good place to start.

While the Assault rife offers an ‘All-Rounder’ package it doesnt quite have the ‘Umph’ factor to make it a recommendation.
The Needler offers fast fire speeds and a quick reloads but has a short lived clip. Explosive needles create splash damage creating an effective close range weapon
The Shotgun is similar, offering brilliant close range defence that literally blows foes away,  Unfortunately the ammo clip lets this one down.
Finally the Gravity Hammer. The ultimate in close combat. This weapon will literally throw people/things out of the way and doesn’t have to reload which is a massive bonus. The power charge of the weapon runs out quick so have a few spare for some serious crowd control in the apocalypse
Halo Reach Recommendation: Gravity Hammer-When the Apocalypse hits, pick up your gravity hammer and have fun playing zombie golf.
Call Of Duty: Black Ops
 Again, with a new addition to this franchise coming very soon it seems only right to include Black Ops in this compilation.

The Ray Gun is a one shot kill weapon with a speedy reload and an acceptable ammo clip however, being alien technology, it’s pretty hard to come by.

The Spas-12 is a fully automatic shotgun with a large ammoclip and a hell load of damage. Would be the perfect close range weapon for an apocalypse if the reload time was faster.

The commando, much like the assault rifle from Halo, is an all round good gun that only really reaches it’s full potential in medium to close range situations.

Lastly the M60 which is a heavy duty machine gun. High damage, huge ammo clip and fast fire speed this gun is only let down with a lifetime long reload sequence.


Call Of Duty Black Ops Recommendation: The Commando- Every survivor needs an all-rounder to rely upon, the commando fits the bill.

Dead Space 2

With Dead Space 3 confirmed for February next year lets take a look at the arsenal Isaac Clarke uses to best the Necromorph horde and see if any would prove useful at the end of the world.

The Pulse Rifle is a slow firing, slow reloading, weak damage weapon that offers little defence in sticky situations. This weapon also eats through ammo like Homer Simpson with donuts, not ideal.

The iconic Plasma Cutter is a great example of how good things can come in small packages. Perfect for accurate dismemberment, it’s economical and effective for a pistol class weapon.

If you need to pin someone up then the Javelin gun is the tool for the job. Powerful but slow the best feature of this weapon is the secondary fire of electrifying the Javelin for extra damage.

Lastly the classic zombie dispatching tool, the flamethrower. Awesome in close combat and with large crowds but utterly useless with long range situations and uses fuel pretty quickly.


Dead Space 2 Recommendation: Plasma Cutter- Every apocalypse survivor needs a secondary/pistol weapon and the plasma cutter presents great firepower and accuracy in the pistol package.

Gears Of War 3

Judgement has been confirmed, even though GOW was sworn to be a trilogy and if continuing even after the departure of the might Cliffy B for Epic. As a celebration for the survival of the franchise and the fond farewell to Cliff, Gears weaponry will be scrutinised for inclusion in the Apocalypse Survival arsenal.

Gears of War took the shotgun one step further and renamed it The Gnasher. This proves to be a fitting name as it turns Locust into swiss cheese in the tap to a trigger, handy.

The Pendulum Lancer offers is a high powered assault rifle with a bayonet mounted below the barrel. Effective at both medium and close ranges this is another member of the All-Rounder team.

The Boomshot is the Locust interpretation of a rocket launcher which has an awkward firing system, low ammo and a slow fire rate. All of which are compensated for with firepower.

Finally, not technically a weapon, the Troika Turret is brilliant for tower defence situations and because of that would prove indispensable when protecting your base camp during the apocalypse.


Gears of War 3 Recommendation: Troika Turret- Again, not strictly a weapon but will prove crucial when building up a base camp and protecting it during armageddon.

So, in a round up, arm yourself with The Gravity Hammer as a melee weapon for close combat situations. The Commando to make sure you have a good all-rounder weapon to rely upon throughout the struggle. The Plasma Cutter to dispatch enemies with cruel precision whilst conserving precious ammo. Finally The Troika Turret as every well defended structure needs a turret defence system. Anything you’d rather have in your cupboard come December 21st? Lightsabers? Miniguns? Share your top 4 Survival weapons from 4 different video games below.


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