Sony: It’s Too Early To Talk About The End of This Generation

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios, has said talk of the PlayStation 4 is premature in an interview with France’s Le Monde newspaper.

Asked if he felt the launch of the Wii U heralded the beginning of the next console cycle Yoshida commented: “Not necessarily. Since launch of the PlayStation 3, six years ago, the graphics have evolved, resulting in titles like Uncharted 3 and Beyond by Qunatic Dream.

“The life of consoles is also extended by services online,” Yoshida continued, adding that these services “continue to make a new offer cloud and new social functions. It is therefore too early to talk about the end of this generation of consoles.”

However recent unconfirmed reports indicate that PlayStation 4 dev kits have been dispatched to studios. The system is broadly expected to be announced at E3 2013.

Le Monde also asked Yoshida about the performance of the PlayStation Vita.

“These results are below our expectations” Yoshida noted. “Consumers now have multimedia devices, such as smartphones. It is difficult for us to justify the purchase of an additional machine.”

To date the PlayStation Vita has sold three million units.