Skyrim’s “Dragonborn” DLC Announced and Detailed

It’s time for another bout of DLC for Skyrim. No, this time you won’t be playing a hi-rez version of The Sims. This time… we got ourselves an adventure!

“Dragonborn” details the attempted return of the first Dragonborn, a Dragon Priest who defied the will of the dragons.

We’ll be traveling to Solstheim, an island off the North East coast of Skyrim. You may remember this little corner stop from Morrowind’s Bloodmoon expansion. The supposed map for the area shows a pretty nice chunk of land. There should be plenty of content to revel in for this third offering of Skyrim DLC.

As for details, all we know right now is that we can finally mount a dragon and soar the skies. It is unknown if we can control the flying beasts or it our flying experience will be kept to an on-rails journey much like the only other known dragon flight.

Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC will of course be exclusive to the Xbox 360 for a month starting on December 4th, it’s release date.

You can view the trailer below.

“You didn’t think you were the only one…”



This is the third DLC to grace Skyrim since launch. Dawnguard brought us a tale of the classic humans vs. vampire plot and perhaps the best companion in Elder Scrolls history. Hearthfire brought The Sims to Skyrim as you got to buy land, get your own personally made house, and adopt kids.

Let’s hope this will eventually reach the PS3, which has not be able to play any of the three DLC packs.