Call of Duty: Black Ops II Leaked!

With just two weeks until its release, it appears that Black Ops II has suffered the same blow that hit Halo 4 almost a month before it was launched. I’m talking about an Internet leak of the game, currently only for the Xbox 360 platform.

This instalment in the hugely popular Call of Duty series has been the cause of much hype in the video game industry during the build up to the release date. It is undoubtedly going to fly off the shelves, and sell a huge number of copies due to the huge following the series has gained. One of the games most talked about and eagerly awaited features is the bigger and better Zombies mode, which now boasts bigger multiplayer parties, and a whole bunch of new surprises. Which is why it is a real shame that the game has leaked and many spoilers are now out there for all to see.

It’s sad news when this happens, but ultimately it means lots of gameplay videos have been popping up on YouTube. Judging by the growing views that are tallying up on the clips, it seems many of us are eager to see what’s in store, sooner than Treyarch and Activision planned. With this instalment being the first to feature future warfare, maybe it was just too tempting for some to see what new weapons had been released in the game.
David Vonderhaar, over at Treyarch has however at least been making light of the situation, tweeting that ‘if you are going to live stream the game early, which I don’t remotely recommend, you could at least be good at it’.
It seems that no game is safe from Internet leaking at the moment. What do you think? Have you seen any of the footage?
Black Ops II is out on the 13th November.