Why All the Damned Running?

After spending my entire day  working and taking care of my family, the last thing I think about doing is having a nice long run. I don’t even consider having a nice short walk to the kitchen and instead I scream until someone answers and brings me a beer. I don’t think about lapping around my neighborhood, nor do I think about having to feel the cramps I would get because I don’t drink enough water. I definitely don’t think about the fresh air, the healthy activity, the elongation of life, or the sexiness that stems from running.

What I do think about, more often than not, is sitting on the couch with a beer in my hand and wasting a few hours of my life on a video game. Not too long ago I wrote an article about the torment of having to deal with a gaming dry spell which I am happy to announce is now over with the release of Assassins Creed 3. As I am getting back into playing video games again, I have to say I may have made a big mistake by using Assassins Creed 3. Obviously, I do not really think this is a mistake, I am simply being melodramatic, but I have put in a few hours already and have spent most of my time running, running, running. Although I completely understand the necessity and “realism” of tramping across miles and miles of computer created nature, I think there should be a nice “lazy-man” option that allows fast travel at any point in the game right off the bat, not only after the first chunk of the game or after discovering a location. I guess I am essentially asking for a completely revealed map if I wanted the spoils of gameplay to be given to me without all of the work. I am sure this constitutes a negligence to appreciate the art that the game creators have presented to us, but not everyone in the world has the spare time to run twenty minutes in between missions.

Again, this comes off as an unappreciation of the video game itself, but I don’t feel this way. I appreciate the games 100%. I appreciate them so much that the miniscule amount of spare time I have in each day is devoted to playing said games, but I should be allowed to enjoy the story, action, and adventure in the time frame I choose to. If I have dropped $59.99 for a game, I should be capable of deciding at what pace I finish it. These are the moments where I miss cheat codes and cheating units such as Game Genie (yeah, I just name dropped) which could grant me “moon jump” access to cross the lands in bounds.

In the mean time, I achingly will continue to hold up on my analog controller and clench whatever trigger is “run” and patiently wait to reach my destination. I am rewarded with fast travel once I have reached a destination the first time, but then I have to take a deep breath and pump my legs on over to the next undiscovered checkpoint. However near or far the destination may be, although, I do not think I will ever get there as fast as I would like to. But, on the bright side, I also don’t have to physically exert myself in any real way, I am lucky enough to sit back and watch the little man on the TV do it for me.