waiting in line

The Midnight Release

It’s an exciting time. A mini video game convention just down the street from your house. Fans gather, waiting anxiously, for that new title they’ve been waiting years for. Everyone gathers for the same communal reason, the release of that next big game.

I went to my first midnight release last year for Skyrim. I pre-ordered the game the day before it came out, just to ensure that I’d have a copy on day one. Skyrim was a big deal to me, because Oblivion always was (and remains) my all time favorite game. I had saved up money all year for my first ever HD TV just for the occasion. I never get this worked up over a new game, and usually I don’t buy new games right when they come out. Even now, a year later, I haven’t bought a new AAA game at full price since Skyrim.

As I put the money down on my copy of Skyrim the store clerk told me that I should come to the midnight release event they were having that night. I obviously looked skeptical because he started telling me how much fun it is. I’ve always loved video games, but not enough to stay up late waiting in the cold for one. He assured me that if I came I would have a good time. At the very least I’d get my copy of Skyrim that much faster.

I tried to find one of my friends to go with, but they had the same opinion that I did. It just didn’t seem worth it, especially on a weeknight when we all had school and work in the morning. So I brought my girlfriend along with the promise that we’d go out to dinner that weekend if she stood out in the cold with me. And thankfully she did.

I ended up having a really good time. There were all types of people waiting in line. 13 year old kids with their moms and 50 year old dads that left their sleeping kids at home to pick up a copy of Skyrim for themselves. But we all had the same level anticipation for Skyrim. The whole event got me way more pumped up for the game then I had been before. I stood in line and talked character builds and tactics with the people standing around me. People had heard all sorts of different rumors and were trading gossip about mechanics and plot points.

By the time I got home I didn’t have time to play more than an hour or two, but standing in line for two hours made that play time the best I ever had for Skyrim. The line for Halo 4’s midnight release starts forming tomorrow night, and I’m excited to get another opportunity to go to a midnight release for a title that I love.

I would defiantly suggest that if a game is coming out sometime soon that you’re a die hard fan for that you should go to the midnight release. If Halo 4 isn’t your cup of tea wait for the new Call of Duty or BioShock… They are a good list of games that are sure to have midnight release events. Some of you have probably been going to midnight releases for video games your whole life. But many gamers have never even thought about giving them a try. It’s more than just a line, it’s a mini event, and an opportunity that everyone should get to experience at least once in their life.