New Skyrim Dragonborn DLC to Be Revealed Monday?

Bethesda sparked some intrigue yesterday when an image was posted on their Twitter feed along with  the tease “Full trailer on 11/5” written above it. Looking a bit like Sauron from Lord of the Rings, the image features an unknown warrior clad in armor:

A few weeks back, it was leaked that several computer-savvy PC players had taken a sneaky look at the code locked away in Skyrim’s DLC files and had seen hints at a DLC add-on called Dragonborn that featured, among other things, a return to Morrowind and the awesome chance to saddle up a dragon and take to the skies. Is this what Bethesda is eluding to? Of course, you’ll have to wait until Monday to officially find out.

Keep it locked here for more information on Skyrim and its various DLC offerings as new details emerge.

(Source: Twitter)