Metal Gear Rising Demo Impressions: Turning Me From A Non-Believer To A Buyer

The demo for this game came with Zone of the Enders HD. My curiosity got the best of me and I put in the demo disc (yes, a disc just for a demo… ah, nostalgia) first and not the actual reason I bought the game in the first place. To put the Rising demo in a simple one word description would be easy: ridiculous. They certainly picked a section of the game to show off how crazy this game really is. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Ever since we saw Raiden’s complete 180 degree change in Metal Gear Solid 4 and we saw that this kind of character would return for Rising, I should have known that ridiculousness would be a factor here. I just wasn’t prepared for this amount of it in one sitting.

If you’re a fan of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta you will certainly find a niche here that will grab you. Rising’s action and gameplay is fast-paced, intense, and challenging. The first challenge to overcome? The controls. It’s not that they are hard to grasp but the layout is pretty weird. Parry is the hardest thing to do which is a shame since you’ll need to do plenty of it. Aside from that you’ll find yourself bobbling around with the camera when in Blade Mode that may result in your missing your target or not killing it and maybe even getting damaged.

I was very afraid to see how Rising would translate as a part of the Metal Gear franchise. I originally stated on one of our podcasts that this game should not be carrying the franchise tag as it is not a Metal Gear game but after playing the demo I have to say that they did a really good job at taking elements of the Solid series and bringing them over. The graphics, style, character design, and world look just a Metal Gear Solid 4 HD and as a fan you’ll feel right at home.

That doesn’t mean the game isn’t over-the-top ridiculous, though. Platinum Games seems to reach for high-octane crazy in their games but geez, man. Some of Raiden’s combos are so out there that you can’t help but tilt your head, squint your eyes, and motion at the screen like you’re silently saying, “are you serious right now?” Example? One of Raiden’s combos has his grab his sword by his foot, jab about 3-5 times, and then spin in place over and over again before finally doing a front flip and crashing the sword and his foot down into the ground. Seriously?



The combos are just the tip of the pyramid, though. We’ve all seen how Raiden gets his energy thanks to on-screen demos and videos. He has to slash open his foes, grab their spines, rip them out of the corpse, and feed on the energy inside. All I can say is, thank goodness these are cyborg enemies and not real people. The amount of blood that would have been in this game would overtake every single Ninja Gaiden game combined.

The demo was fun, though. Also, quite challenging. Until you finally get parry down, you may find yourself dying over and over again at the boss. That thing is exceptionally tough but gives you a good grasp as how Platinum Games is approaching Metal Gear Rising. If you’ve been hoping for more Raiden or a different take on the franchise then Rising should have you excited. If you’re stuck in your ways about Metal Gear like I was, give the demo a try. It was enough to make me say, “I guess I have to buy it now.”