Ten Games That Need To Be On Tablets And Smartphones

There’s no denying the force that mobile gaming has become. When you see companies like Rovio, Gameloft, Zynga, and EA haul in tons of cash just on in-app purchases, you know that the platform is doing pretty good for itself. You can make a lot of money on app stores if you just come up with that right idea for the right time. You have to satisfy that itch that mobile gamers have. The problem is that they never know what kind of itch they have. They just sit and wait for the next mobile phenomenon to release and then feast on it.

Every new mobile hit doesn’t need to be an original game, though. Some companies just need to either work on a mobile version of a console game or stop being so pig headed and bring some of their franchises to tablets and smartphones. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a version of your game to Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. Hell, you’d be a hero if you brought these games to Windows Phone. We all may not like mobile gaming for various reasons but having the following ten games on the app stores and markets would really increase my time playing on them.

Note: These games are not ranking in any particular order.



When this first hit the PSP I don’t think anyone realized how big this would be. Lumines was a smash hit and even now it commands a ton of sales whenever a new one hits. The Vita version was a good seller in a sea of great launch titles. So why not throw this up on app stores and rake in some dough? Add in leaderboards and online tournaments. Lumines is ready for touch controls. It would be a great fit for mobile devices. I could see this being a huge hit on the Galaxy Note series of phones.



This would have to be heavily modified to work but perhaps we don’t even have to go with Wings of Liberty. How about the original? Bringing StarCraft to mobile devices with online play would be huge. I could see many batteries dying just from people getting sucked in online tournaments. This could even get big enough to have support at the world tournaments. StarCraft Mobile would sell like hotcakes and perhaps be the most played online game in the mobile arena. If done right…


MegaMan Battle Network

Call me a fanboy if you want but I really think Battle Network would work really well in the mobile world. The gameplay could be modified to follow your finger input in the Cyber World and even in battle. You could drag your finger across the tiles to move MegaMan around in battle or go traditional with a D-Pad and some virtual buttons. Either way, having a full fledged Battle Network with hundreds of collectible battle chips and online play would be huge. I’d fork over money right now.


Faster Than Light (FTL)

Talk about a game waiting for a touch interface. For a game that makes you feel like you’re living out your own Star Trek fantasy, touch controls would just reinforce that futuristic feeling. FTL has been a great hit on Steam and it would do equally as well on mobile platforms. Controls would be easy to configure as most menus that you need to use have on-screen buttons already. I know I’d rather get in a quick FTL run on the go rather than boot it up on my PC. I just feel like this should be mobile.


Phantasy Star Online

The way tablets are going right now with hardware, they should be able to play this game with no problem. I’m talking about either the Dreamcast or Gamecube version of Ep. 1 & 2 here. Controls wouldn’t feel too awkward because they already feel awkward with a controller. Movement and turning feels slow and risky so moving this to mobile wouldn’t hamper that at all. Bringing online co-op in the mix would be huge, too. I still know plenty of people who hook up their Gamecubes and play PSO, they would buy this in an instant. Plus it would be a nice nostalgic release before PSO2 comes out in the US.



With the recent news that Blizzard was thinking of bringing Diablo to GameBoy years ago, perhaps they should rethink their mobile strategy and bring Diablo to app stores. Be it Diablo 1, 2 or some amalgamation of 3, it would sell so much I can’t even think of a number. Having online co-op or PvP arena battles would be huge, too. There are plenty of stories in the Diablo mythos we could play through if they don’t want to just port over an existing game. Either way, having an official Diablo game on mobile devices would be huge. I’m tired of bad clones, I want the real deal.


Fire Emblem

I know, I know. Good luck getting Nintendo to ever bring a franchise to a tablet or phone. Still, Fire Emblem screams ready for touch interface. Plus, it’s a huge seller and people get generally excited when a new one comes out. I’m sure the 3DS one will sell like crazy but how about bringing an older one over to some app stores and add in online play? That would really get people in the Fire Emblem mood and perhaps help sales on the 3DS and also just continuously rake in more money on the side due to this mobile one.



Spiral Knights

If you’ve never played Spiral Knights on Steam before, it’s a free to play instanced co-op game. Not exactly an MMO but you can see a bunch of people in the cities. Still, the looting, crafting, upgrading, battling, and surviving that Spiral Knights brings in a light engine could most likely be configured to play great on mobile devices. This would be a ton of fun to play with friends on tablets. There are already in-game purchases so it would fit right in.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

After playing this for the first time just recently, I sat up and thought to myself that Enemy Unknown would work on the Vita. Well, it would also work on mobile devices, especially tablets. XCOM is a turn-based strategy game so you don’t need to stay on your toes and be an expert with the touch screen controls in order to survive. You just need to be smart about where you move your squad and how you utilize them. This needs to be on mobile devices and the Vita.


Pokémon Red & Blue

Why Red & Blue? Why not FireRed & LeafGreen? Because Nintendo already doesn’t want to put any of their franchises on any other companies’ devices. They are so closed minded about their games that they are losing out on so much money. So, why not petition them to do the LEAST amount of work and bring over the original Pokémon games with added online trading and battles. It honestly doesn’t matter what version of these games comes to the mobile arena, they would always be #1 on the most bought list. Pokémon is a force and having it on app stores would just reinforce that.



Which games would you like to see come to app stores and markets? Tell us below in the comments.



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  1. LeiAndLove

    Oh god, I’d love to play Lumines on my iPad. With the right controls, it’d be one of my go-to games on there.

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