Borderlands Coming to iOS

No, it’s not on the Vita, but 2K and Gearbox Software has announced that shoot-em-up RPG Borderlands will be getting a mobile version. Said to use “intuitive, touch-based commands and a slick UI,” Borderlands Legends is presented in an isometric, top-down format and features the same skill trees and inventory systems used in the originals with an added “layer of strategy”.

Legends will see a return of the original vault hunters Brick, Roland, Lillith, and Mordecai as they battle familiar enemies on Pandora, carrying out randomized objective-based missions while building their character and using some of the game’s new features tailor-made for mobile devices.

The game will release on iOS devices on October 31st for $4.99 on iPhone and $6.99 on iPad.

(Source: Game Informer)