Zombie Driver HD

Zombie Driver HD

My favorite zombie comic is Living with Zombies(Eat My Shorts Walking Dead) and my favorite scene in that series is when the characters Matt and Chris are about to unleash some hell on zombies via schoolbus, and we find Chris on the bus with tears in his eyes. Matt asks him what’s wrong and he says “I can’t drive stick shift! Now I can’t run over zombies!” Well, if Chris were real, then he would be pleased to find out about Zombie Driver HD, a game where you kill zombies with cars!

You and your taxi find yourselves in a city closed off from the outside world by hordes of zombies. The military can’t help you, they’ve been forced to keep to their bases by orders from above them. That doesn’t stop people from needing help though. So it’s up to you, intrepid taxi driver, to go where the military won’t, and rescue people in need. Along the way, you can pick up helpful items such as cash to spend in the store on upgrades for your taxi or any other vehicle you acquire along the way. Also strewn about the apocalyptic landscape are items such as machine guns, bombs, and nitrous oxide to make your ride go faster. The zombies are no match for you car, but hitting hordes of them can do damage to even the hardiest vehicle. That’s why it’s important to pick up the repair items, so your car will keep running at its best.

Driving the car is easy; making it go where you want it to on the map is another story. I found it very difficult to steer the vehicle with the buttons, which makes me think this game would be better played with a gamepad. I don’t have one of those, so I struggled to keep the car going the direction I wanted to, and also performing more precise maneuvers was pretty much impossible. This made some missions more difficult as I could wipe out many zombies and then spend a while circling the one remaining zombie until I could manage to hit him. The top-down view and the amount of turning involved on some roads made me a little bit motion sick, which is a problem hopefully most people won’t have with the game.

The missions are fun, if a bit the same, but that’s more due to the nature of the game rather than any fault of the developers. There’s just only so many ways you can rescue people in a car, though the variety of vehicles you get to drive is one of the best features of the game. You can also change the paint scheme of your vehicle, so you don’t have to look at the same car paint job all the time. Boss fights are incredibly fun and challenging, and they also test your skill as a driver. There are other modes to Zombie Driver HD. Blood Race has 30 events in three different types: A classic race, but with zombies and guns and loads of mayhem added in, Eliminator mode, where you take out as many vehicles as you can before time expires, and Endurance, where there’s a bomb on your car and you need to race through checkpoints to extend your time. There’s also Slaughter mode: Seven arenas featuring killing sprees and a dynamic upgrade system.

Smashing zombies with one of Zombie Driver HD’s thirteen different vehicles is a hell of a lot of fun. There’s plenty of action in the other modes if you get tired of the campaign, or you’re just stuck on a particular level. Once you master the driving, you can start trying the trick combos out on the zombies, which adds a whole new level to the fun.


Paul reviews Zombie Driver HD for the PC.

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Zombie Destruction with Vehicles!

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