The Walking Dead’s New Setting

If you tuned into last week’s premier of AMC’s The Walking Dead then you know the crew has made an abandoned prison their new home. It’s an awesome setting, much cooler and much more useful than Hershel’s farm or the lab back in season 1. There’s a lot that can be done with a prison, but as a fan of the show there are some things that I really want to see within the prison, and some things that I don’t want to see.

To start off, I think that the abandoned prison is large enough to be the setting for the rest of the season. If the writers use the prison correctly I think it continue to be entertaining for a season 4 and 5. The prison has lots of zombies, the point of the show, but adds a variety of new enemies. Now there are bulky “convict” zombies and armored guard zombies mixed in with the normal civilian. There isn’t really any other logical setting that would allow a greater variety of zombies.

Another great part about the prison is the amenities. It will provide the characters with food, shelter, medical supplies, protection, gear, and everything else the group needs to survive for years. But at the same time the prison setting can keep things interesting by making the characters continually search for these supplies. The characters can’t wipe out and secure the entire place in one season, so every time they wish to collect more gear they’re going to have to fight their way to it. The crew’s new home is both a safe haven, and a deadly trap.

The prison setting is genius, but it could all be ruined if the writers make the wrong decisions in upcoming episodes. The biggest worry I have is with the convicts that were presented at the end of the season premier. I don’t to see the group get melded in like they did with Hershel’s group. I also don’t want to see a repeat of last season’s fight with the only other survivors that the crew found. This new group of characters has to add a new dynamic to the group.

The new survivors also can’t have the prison already figured out. I thought that this new season was going to be primarily the group securing the prison while trying to make an inhabitable home. But if the prisoners already have a sophisticated set-up that large portion of the show will be gone. Instead it’s going to be replaced with character drama, like the time spent last season on Hershel’s farm. On the other hand if the new characters are still locked up I don’t want to see numerous episodes of drama trying to decide if they should let the prisoners out or not.

Rick’s new attitude could prevent the amount of focus on drama like last season. And the prison setting sure will help writers be able to come up with new exciting conflict. But in order for the show to be successful the crew is going to have to really push the prison setting to it’s limits. The new season’s episode comes out tonight and I can’t wait to see what happens.
There’s so much potential for the show, let’s just hope it doesn’t get wasted.