devil may cry

Trailer Breakdown: DMC

Reboots are an odd conundrum in the video game world. When going about making one, you’ve got to toe a dangerous line between retaining some of the most beloved conventions of the original in order to appease fans, all while introducing new elements that make the franchise fresh and compatible with today’s market. It’s not an easy task by any means.

So, it wasn’t surprising to see that the new Devil May Cry reboot was met with skepticism when it was revealed in full by Capcom earlier this year. How could they redesign Dante? What would the combat be like? What was the game’s story about?

That being said, a new trailer for the game was released this week, and with a mixed bag of opinions, here are our thoughts on it:


I loved the original Devil May Cry series. Two sucked to the high heavens and back but one out of four isn’t bad. When Capcom announced everything about the bad-ass protagonist Dante was going to be re-written, I seriously wanted to throw up. It makes no sense to me why they decided to go this route. Did the fourth not sell as well as they had hoped? Perhaps that was because players barely controlled Dante through that game. Was it Nero? Did people not like him? That’s what you get when you clone the initial main character and just change his weapon. There was absolutely NO EXCUSE to change anything about Dante.

Now I’ve stayed away from basically anything about this game. I had full faith that the gameplay was going to be solid. Not only has Capcom never failed in the execution of one of these titles but hell, action games are what Ninja Theory does best. This newest trailer confirms my predictions; everything about the game looks great! The idea that this “man” is the Dante players grew to love through the series is downright disgusting! Call him something else! Do not call the game Devil May Cry! For goodness sake, don’t ruin something people loved just because you’re too cowardly to start something new. I want to play this game, I do. Like I said, it looks great! Why though?! Why did his appearance and personality have to change?!


Dude.  If there are any DMC haters left, this should complete their extinction.  This game looks awesome, and I couldn’t be more excited to step back into Dante’s shoes.  At this point, I’m just ready to play it.  The new reboot is going to live or die by its combat, but I’m interested to see if Ninja Theory can raise the bar on some of the other aspects of the game, namely story and environment.  Dante has always been the master of the groan-inducing quip, but DMC’s excellent mechanics usually overshadowed any perceived weaknesses elsewhere. Nobody wants Dante to shine more than me, and based on this trailer we may be in for a treat.

I was blown away by the early “town tries to destroy Dante” videos, but I wasn’t quite as impressed with this one.  Switching between guns and swords looked a little choppy, and any problems with the flow of combat could be exacerbated due to the series incredible pedigree.  Whether Ninja Theory can deliver is something that remains to be seen, but there was nothing in this new trailer that is cause for panic.


I’ve never been a massive Devil May Cry fan; I played through the first two and thought they were fun enough, but they never spoke to me like so many other games on the PS2 did. As such, it wasn’t such a big deal to me when they announced they were rebooting the series. Actually, I kind of felt interested. After all, it was an impressive action title and definitely has a sizable fan base surrounding it.

From what I’ve read and seen about the new DMC, it looks like Ninja Theory is going about rebooting the game right. There’s plenty of action to go around, combat looks smooth, the story still deals heavily with such things as demons and fighting said demons…and Dante still has a very bad-ass, devil-may-care attitude about him (excuse the wording).

Overall, the game looks like some fun, over-the-top action, and has an aesthetic that strangely reminds me somewhat of the original Darksiders. Bring on the reboot. I can’t wait to see more.