20 Reasons Video Games are Better than Sex

  1. You can play with three different partners at once
  2. No one gets made when you play 5 different games in one day
  3. Foreplay only lasts as long as the loading screen
  4. It’s ok to play by yourself
  5. You can play video games for 6 hours straight
  6. And still not break a sweat
  7. If you’re having trouble with a game your friend can come over and show you how it’s done
  8. A fresh video game can fall into your lap every week
  9. Anyone can pick up a controller and score
  10. You can pause a video game
  11. And you can reload from a save when you mess up
  12. Everyone’s console is the same size
  13. You don’t have to worry about your health when you pick up a used copy
  14. It’s easy to find someone to do it with
  15. You can brag to your friends about your best score, even when your girlfriend is around
  16. You can return any game you don’t like it, no questions asked
  17. There is no fear of a video game taking advantage of you
  18. You can eat and drink in the middle of a session
  19. Playing the same video game every day doesn’t make you clingy
  20. You can borrow your friends new game as long as you return it

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