The Cutest Girls In Gaming

Women in gaming are mostly terrible. The term “metal bikini” and the game Magna Carta come to mind right away. Those are two prime examples in what is wrong with women in games. They are oversexualized, disproportional, and either 95% naked or clothed with the breasts and ass being the only revealing parts aside from the face.

Take a look at the following two pictures. They are prime examples of why women in gaming are done horribly wrong a majority of the time.




First off, you’ll never actually meet women like this outside of Comic Con. Even then you’ll never see someone with the proportions of the girl in the second image. That is just not possible.

However, there are some gals in gaming that embody the “cute factor” that many men look for in women. The selection below are great examples of people you could actually meet in real life and don’t try to just gain a drool reaction from you while you play.

The following women are the cutest gals in gaming and represent the best this industry has to offer in the perspective of females.


Liara T’soni
Mass Effect

Liara is not exactly someone you can meet in real life thanks to the whole being an alien thing but she is damn cute. She’s also innocent, caring, and smart as hell. All great qualities!

Liara is very important to Mass Effect’s story across all three games and one could even argue that she is the main choice for a romance in the series. She’s one of the greatest scientists in the galaxy and her smarts sometime overshadow her romance meter making some of Shepard’s advances go over her head until she finally thinks about it. The interaction and relationship arc for Liara is some of the most rewarding parts of the Mass Effect trilogy.

You come to respect Liara for her role in the story, the conflict in the game, and how she carries herself. She is brave and confident and lends a helpful and supportive hand to our main character. Being cute 100% of the time is just a plus with a well-rounded person like Liara.


Chloe Frazer

Chloe is the bad girl that you just can’t resist. She does some pretty questionable things but whenever she’s around you she tends to soften up and get all smiley.

It’s hard for people to not fall for a girl like this. She bats those pretty lashes of hers and it’s almost like you are beckoned to follow her. Chloe takes advantage of this very well and instead of finding yourself screaming, “you bi#@$!!!” at your screen, you just smirk and think, “damn Chloe…you crazy.” Worst of all she does it all with that damn smile.

She’s the type of gal you wish you could keep up with and admire. We all have someone like this in our lives be it a guy or girl; the adventurous and risk taking person that dares to challenge people.


Jill Valentine
Resident Evil

Jill is a standout in the female portion of the Resident Evil cast. She is nothing like Claire, Helena, Sherry, Ashley, or Rebecca. Jill is fierce, confident, strong, loyal, commanding, resourceful, and brave.

Jill does whatever it takes to survive or complete a mission. She’s been through a lot but she never falters. When working with her partner Chris Redfield, she does everything to keep them both safe and moving forward. She’s a stable shoulder when you need it and a great presence in the face of danger or uncertainty. Plus it doesn’t hurt to look over and see this kind of person is also extremely cute.

Ms. Valentine stands out as the serious, always ready woman but you know you could count on her for support and a boost in a time of need.


Aeris Gainsborough
Final Fantasy VII

Aeris is the calmest and most passive person on this list. She adores life in all its forms and will do anything to protect it. Even if it means her demise…

Aeris is that cute girl that gets the attention of all the guys but never does anything bad. She’s always smiling and peppy while supporting everyone in the room. She puts the well being of everyone on her shoulders and she never looks like she’s in distress. She doesn’t want you to worry about her. She’s the unobtainable girl to you because you keep thinking you’re not good enough.

Don’t get too attached though. Good people always come in last place. And Sephiroth’s the judge.


Gravity Rush

A recent game but that shouldn’t disqualify Kat from this list. This is a girl who went from a weak minded person to a superhero who helps because she can.

Kat isn’t very confident in herself but that could be thanks to not remembering her past. She’s one of those girls that feigns ignorance about her looks and abilities but really takes it to heart when someone is honest with her. Kat can handle herself but she can’t come to understand her emotions and thoughts. She isn’t broken. She’s just unsure. To guys, that’s a challenge we like to take up. We want to “fix” girls like this. Put all the pieces together and help out.

It just so happens that most of these types of gals are some of the cutest chicks out there. Kat being a great example!