Upcoming Skyrim DLC to Take Place in Morrowind?

Thanks to the skills of smart PC gamers, it’s been rumored that the upcoming DLC for Skyrim could take place in Morrowind, the setting of the third Elder Scrolls game.

This conclusion comes on the heels of said gamers digging through the files of the latest DLC and seeing numerous references to “DLC2”, “Dragonborn”, and “Solstheim,” the setting of Morrowind’s Bloodmoon expansion. Other famous landmarks in Morrowind were referenced, and we’ve even had a glimpse at the most awesome possibility of them all: mounted dragons. That’s right, if the rumors are true, the next DLC update for Skyrim could see you saddling up a dragon and taking to the skies.

And you all got excited about mounted combat. Please.

Zenimax trademarked the name “Dragonborn” earlier this year, so it’s looking fairly likely that the new DLC will be called just that.

Keep it locked here for more developments on the rumored new DLC as we learn them.

(Source: OXM)