Sleeping Dogs Horror DLC? Yes Please.

If you haven’t played Sleeping Dogs yet, stop reading this, get up from your computer, and go get yourself a copy of it. As someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy Grand Theft Auto, Sleeping Dogs was one of the most pleasant gaming surprises I’ve ever come across. Being that the game itself was stuck in absolute development hell before finally seeing the light of day, it still managed to release in one piece, and surprised many by being a well-developed and fun open world game with a great story and interesting gameplay mechanics.

For those of you who have played through Sleeping Dogs, a recent announcement at New York Comic Con revealed that all-new single-player DLC is coming this month. While the previous DLC packs for the game consisted mainly of new racing and cop missions, this new story bit, called “Nightmare in Northpoint”, will appropriately be horror-themed in time for Halloween.

Yes, yes, and yes. Sleeping Dogs was a game that had some great atmosphere, and while it did take itself a bit seriously, horror could actually fit in rather well. Developers have been pretty adamant about keeping the specifics under wraps, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about it. And so, here are some predictions as to what the game could do with this new horror DLC.

(Warning…some spoilers)


No, not the effeminate sparkly kind. Here, I’m talking real, hardcore vampires.

Vampires could be a really interesting addition to Hong Kong, and it would fit the whole “cop” vibe really well. Think about it; your cell phone rings, you’re called out to a crime scene and find a body with puncture wounds on the neck. Bodies keep piling up, clues take you all over the city, and finally, you come head to head with a deadly vampire roaming the streets and stalking prey. Car chase with the vampire? Wiring his house to monitor their activity? Confronting them and having to use special weapons to kill them? Awesome.


Sleeping Dogs touched on superstition, and there’s an opportunity for ghosts to be present in the new DLC. After all, a whole lot of people died in Sleeping Dogs, and most of them have something against Wei Shen that could easily carry over to the afterlife, should a ghost story be what developers decide to pursue.

So how could this be handled? Maybe Wei sees things going on he doesn’t understand and has to turn to a superstitious person like Two Chin to help him make sense of it all. There’s some room for traditions and superstitions within the culture of Hong Kong that could be really interesting here. Does he see Big Smile Lee taunting him from beyond? Is Uncle Po back to talk about what happened after his death? Or maybe Winston has returned to have you do some more favors for him?

Even better, it’d be kind of cool to have a Scooby-Doo-ish occurrence, where Wei thinks he’s seeing the work of ghosts, but really, it’s a group of disgruntled people wanting to get back at him. In his nature, though, Wei isn’t necessarily superstitious, so this whole scenario  is highly unlikely. But, it’d still be a lot of fun.


As much as I don’t really want to say it, this is definitely the most likely of  forms for the new DLC to take. After all, developers did mention that it will be similar to what Undead Nightmare was to Red Dead Redemption.

And no, I don’t have a problem with zombies for the DLC per se…it just seems tired. I’m kind of sick of boring zombie stories to be honest, and I can get my killing-zombies-in-Asia fix through Resident Evil 6. Still, this is the most likely of all my story predictions, so here’s the scenario I think will play out.

Hong Kong’s been hit with a viral outbreak that has resulted in many people being turned into forms of the undead. They walk the streets of Hong Kong, feeding on the living and being creepy zombies. You’ll have to run around and rescue people and take out your rotting enemies as you try to quell the outbreak and return Hong Kong to its former state of normalcy. Sunrise, sunset.


Just like the vampires scenario…just harier. And it’d be cool if the werewolf was someone from the first game. Again, not likely, but still fun.

Maybe it will be one of these, or, more likely, maybe it will be none of these. Either way, I’m excited to jump back into Hong Kong again and experience some horror just in time for Halloween on October 30th.

What do you want out of the new Sleeping Dogs DLC? Tell us in the comments below!

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