My Gaming Dry Spell

This happens to everybody right? I mean, my buddies are telling me that this has happened to them before, and they wouldn’t lie, would they? No, it’s not weird, wipe that look off of your face. This could happen to you someday, so don’t judge me.

How am I supposed to convince my Xbox that my inability to turn her on is because I am too tired or just have been too busy to have time for her. How exactly do I tell the new video games that I can’t let them pleasure me because I don’t have the money, or because I can’t justify spending time with them over my family? My desires are unfulfilled. My needs are not being met.

I am in a devastating dry spell when it comes to gaming. I can’t schedule some secret alone time with my mistress, Xbox 360. I can’t make unknown deposits from my mutual checking account to accommodate a new video game that I would have to hide from my wife because buying games “is not a necessity”. I am utterly unable to play anything right now because life has overwhelmed my free time and my gaming has suffered. I am almost tempted to go to an arcade and secretly drop some money in some run down machine in the corner that has seen better years, but I don’t think I am ready to stoop that low.


But, in this kind of situation, how is one supposed to recover? How does someone with a job, school, and a family find time to play video games? Am I officially in that moment when a young man turns old and loses his grip on current video games and how to play them? Or, am I being challenged to find a way to stay relevant? There have been huge releases this month such as Borderlands 2, Dishonored, and the soon to come Assassins Creed 3, but I have found myself arguing against spending money for a game instead of justifying the purchase.


A gaming dry spell is no fun event for anyone. I am quite literally as devastated as I am that I am not finding an interest in games as I am that I can’t find a game I am that interested in playing. I am hoping it is as simple as the way you feel when you cut yourself off from an addiction and can’t remember why you were addicted to it in the first place. I think I need that first taste once again. I need that snort, that puff, that injection of something otherworldly that will bring my focus back. But, which game will be the one to pull me back in? What game right now is the stunning vixen I am looking for to slap my ass back into the gaming world?


Anyone have a suggestion?


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  1. FSNsaber

    I had this happen to me a few years ago, my ‘Gaming rut’ as I personally called it. The game that got me out of it was Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, but it will vary on a person to person basis. I recommend replaying a game that will elicit some nostalgia for you to remind you why you enjoy gaming in the first place. As for newer release games, i wholeheartedly recommend Borderlands 2, particularly if you’ve played the first one.
    Gaming ruts happen to everyone or at least everyone I know, it doesn’t the matter the age. Taking a break from video games may even be a good thing, so when you do go back to playing your love for gaming will be stronger than ever. I hope this provided you some consolation.

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