Why I Won’t Be Buying Mass Effect 3’s Omega DLC

As you have probably heard already, BioWare has announced the next single-player DLC for Mass Effect 3, entitled Omega.  You can check out the details of it yourself, but suffice to say you will be helping Aria retake Omega, likely with an assortment of new weapons and, I’m calling it here, new playable character Aria.  I have absolute confidence that BioWare will knock it out of the park, and deliver a quality single-player narrative-driven experience that will meet the bar of excellence that defines the Mass Effect series.  Here’s why I don’t like it.

The Story Has Already Been Told:  The Mass Effect series is my favorite narrative in video games, and one of my favorite stories in any medium.  The first time I beat Mass Effect 3, I was (mostly) satisfied with the ending.  I never felt like BioWare needed to qualify themselves with a new ending, but I do think were, on some level, not entirely satisfied with the ending themselves.  Whatever my feelings on the finale, it didn’t ruin the journey at all.  Mass Effect isn’t just the defeat of the reapers; the entire universe is incredible, and I loved every minute of exploring the world that BioWare has created.

My point is, after playing the Extended Cut, I was satisfied with the conclusion.  Literally anything added would be superfluous and unnecessary.  I was into the multiplayer pretty heavily for the first six months or so, and have been continually impressed with the multiplayer DLC support.  But another story mission?  I’ve beaten Mass Effect 3 thrice.  Once with a paragon male, once with a renegade FemShep and a second playthrough with her after the Extended Cut was released.  I have no desire to go help Aria retake Omega.  I’ve saved the galaxy; things are cool.  Normally, I’m all for more content for great games.  While I obviously think we need it, any new Mass Effect is good right?  Usually, except for one thing.

It’s Expensive:   If it was free, I would have no complaints, and this article wouldn’t exist.  But it’s not.  It’s 15 bucks.  The list of excellent games you can buy for fifteen dollars is staggering, and with the current gaming landscape , that money could be going towards Resident Evil 6 or XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  Instead, BioWare wants you to spend the money on their new DLC.  Like I said, I’m a big fan of the ME3 multiplayer, and I can’t help but think that BioWare’s DLC strategy should be all about that facet of the game.  I’m not saying I’m against single-player DLC, and I promise I am not against more Mass Effect, but that money could simply be spent in better places.

Most people simply can’t afford to keep up with the rush of great games we are being slammed with.  Heck, I’m still working on finishing Max Payne 3 so I can finally pay The Walking Dead, XCOM, Fall of Cybertron and NBA 2K13 the attention they deserve.  Again, more content is never a bad thing, and if you have the money to spare, go for it.  There is no reason to suspect it won’t be technically worth it.  My funds are limited though, and the value simply isn’t there for me.

I Don’t Have Time For It:  In addition to the great games I listed earlier, Resident Evil 6, Dishonored, Retro City Rampage, Pokemon Black & White 2 and the ever-present Borderlands 2 are all distractions that will likely be taking up my next few months.  Playing a new Mass Effect 3 mission that won’t really affect the main story significantly just isn’t that high on my priority list right now.  I’m lucky if I can fit in one or two ME3 multiplayer matches a week right now, and that’s only because of the incredible support they’ve shown and the fact I have other friends who regularly join me for Platinum matches.

To me, Mass Effect is all about the story, and I just don’t care about the implications of this new DLC, or how it will affect the overall universe.  Of course this is just my opinion, and I don’t want to discourage anybody from enjoying a game they like more fully, even if I myself won’t be playing it.  What are your thoughts on this?  Will you be purchasing the Omega DLC, or are you planning to let this one slip by?

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  1. xAquinasx

    All three reason are purely subjective and selfish. In the first reason, you act like you are the only one that is playing the game. There couldn’t possibly be others that haven’t played it three times! The other two are just whining about things that really don’t matter. Can’t afford it? Then don’t buy it; other people, however, will. Don’t have time for it? That’s nice; many more people do. This comes down to being an article to get attention and nothing more. In the end, I doubt anyone truly cares that you will not be playing it because none of your reasons have any relevance to anyone else and they are all purely subjective.

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