Resident Evil 6 Review: The Best Use of Established Characters Ever

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With the three original, available campaigns out of the way it is time to delve into the unlockable campaign that offers plenty of answers and fills in some plot holes that show up during the game, namely Ada. Then we’ll head into the extra content such as Agent Hunt and Mercenaries. Finally, we’ll hit the verdict and find out whether or not this game is worth playing. Let’s finish this.




Ada is a huge part of RE6 and it’s about damn time. She’s never really been front and center and she has only had prominent roles in two games before this one. This time, she’s a giant part of the story and she even gets her own campaign. Sure she’s had DLC or added-on campaigns before but this time it is integral to the story and her unlocked campaign here really gives some big answers.

You’ll be happy to know that Ada’s campaign plays a hell of a lot like Resident Evil 4. There are tons of puzzles, constant number of enemies, fun weapons, and a perfect blend of Ada’s own stealthy habits and leather pants. Get use to see digital ass, my friends. There are plenty to ducts to crawl around in and Capcom made sure Ada didn’t go outside today without her trusty skin-tight leather pants.

Seriously, it’s almost like they want you to see this ass. I think they may be proud of it.

Either way, Ada’s campaign is exactly what you think it would be: full of answers. Albeit in a cryptic way. Just like she always is, Ada is nearly unknown to the player. She’ls allude to the fact that she knows what is going on but still proceed to not fully explain everything and just go on her merry way. She’s a tough broad and she gets the job done but she will do it in way that makes the Illuminati sound like a public forum group.

You’ll find plenty of cutscenes to fill in some plot holes left in the other three campaigns. I truly do believe that you should NOT play this campaign until the other three at done. Right now that is the only way to play Ada’s campaign. However, an upcoming title update for the game will unlock it so you can play it straight from the start. Bad. Move. Ada’s campaign is meant to be played last. Just like my play order list has it.

Ada gets the pleasure of having a wonderful Crossbow weapon that tears through armor like the Anti-Material Rifle yet it manages to get past some debris unlike the rifle. You have to reload after each shot but it is so worth using in most cases. Arrows drop pretty frequently (normal ones, anyhow) so you’ll rarely feel like you need to save on them. I would recommend using the Crossbow when you can. Ada seems weaker than the other characters. She takes a lot of damage from enemies and swarms are so irritatingly hard. They aren’t impossible but it feels like it sometimes. Either that or you come down to barely any ammo.

Overall, I was happy with Ada’s campaign. In fact, from start to finish I felt like I was playing a mixture of RE4 and Revelations. You don’t get the normal RE6 vibe from this campaign. It’s got a great pace, interesting story, great cross sections, more of the back and forth with Leon, and a good ending. Alongside Chris’ campaign, this is one of the best experiences you can play through in this game.

What character should you play as? Ada

How long is this campaign? 6 hours

Campaign Score: 9/10


  • Feels like RE4
  • Thought-provoking puzzles
  • Crossbow is fun to use


  • Ada takes a lot of damage
  • Swarms of enemies are unbeatable with Ada
  • If the game wants you to do stealth in a section, you have to use it due to how squishy you are




Spoiler Alert!


The story in Resident Evil 6 can be a bit complex at first. It surely comes together on its own as you play but if you’re having some issues keep on reading. If not, then move along to the next banner. This section contains heavy spoilers!


The game feels like it best starts out with Chris. We see Chris in a bar being confronted by Piers to come back to the BSAA. It has been 3 years since the events of RE5 and Albert Wesker’s death and six months since Chris’ last squad was killed under his command. The reason why starting out with Chris’ first chapter after the Prologue is because in the game’s timeframe, it begins in present time. China is already under attack.

When you begin Leon and Jake’s campaigns they both begin six months before the China incident. Leon will be in Twin Oaks where the biological terror attack on the President is happening. Jake will be in Edonia freelancing as a Freedom Fighter until Sherry comes along. It is during these chapters that we find out that Simmons, a national security aide, was responsible for Twin Oaks and has now made Leon and Helena scapegoats for Twin Oaks. Jake finds out during this time that his blood is the only thing in this world that can stop the viral spread.

So to recap: Leon is framed for the attack in Twin Oaks. Jake is the world’s only hope. Chris doubts himself for the death of his old team mates.

Chris’s second chapter is back during this time, as a flashback of his last BSAA mission. Once all three campaigns are past their second chapters the game shifts focus to China and that is where all of the characters head to.

Before we hit China, let’s talk about Ada Wong. As we all know Ada is a very capable mercenary who has been linked to Umbrella in the past and anyone paying top dollar. Lately, Ada has been missing some memories. She finds out that she was in Edonia where she was cloned using the C-Virus. The clone is now running Neo Umbrella, the main terrorist cell behind the events of RE6. The real Ada Wong is now trying to stop her clone.

China is where the bulk of the game’s main plot takes place. Sherry and Jake find out that Simmons is a bad guy and they are being ordered to basically hand Jake over so they can kill him. They don’t want a vaccine being made from his blood. Leon and Helena meet up with Simmons and find out that he ordered Twin Oaks to become plagued  with a viral outbreak and ensure the President’s death because he was about to divulge the true story of Raccoon City to the public.

The incident at Raccoon City needed to stay private because the news that America’s own government ordered a missile strike on one of its greatest cities would have been disastrous to the US’ reputation and power. In fact, Simmons feared it would send the BSAA and UN after the country. To keep Raccoon City private, Simmons ordered the President and all of Twin Oaks infected. A bio-terrorism cover-up by the country’s own leaders. Too bad that Simmons doesn’t get to revel in this plan for long. He gets stuck by a C-Virus syringe by a Neo Umbrella soldier and gets infected. Leon and Helena go after him while Jake and Sherry get captured by Neo Umbrella forces that overwhelm them.

That’s just part of what’s going on in China. While Neo Umbrella has chaos going on in city, the fake Ada is preparing a missile strike on all of the major cities around the world. The missile is filled with a virus. I’m pretty sure it is the T-Virus as the citizens turn into the “zombie” creatures and there are no other types of BOWs in the city. Chris and Piers attempt to stop the missile launch but fail. They confront the fake Ada just to watch her die from one of Simmon’s soldiers. Their game of cat and mouse is over.

Leon and Helena dispatch Simmons’ mutated form in time to see the missile strike the city and cause massive chaos. Chris gets told about Jake and Sherry being captured and he goes off to rescue them. Leon and Helena stay in the city and reach the highest point to try and escape. Simmons returns and the final battle ensues. The real Ada makes her appearance here and helps the two defeat the mutated Simmons. Leon and Helena finally escape the nightmare.

Chris and Piers reach an oil platform that descends into a gigantic lab, the Neo Umbrella headquarters. A pre-recorded message from the fake Ada tells of a fully infected world in which her new toy can feast and conquer. Chris and Piers rescue Jake and Sherry only to be confronted by a towering BOW, a feeder that if released will destroy the world. Jake and Sherry escape the facility while Chris and Piers fight the BOW. Jake’s blood is still too important to keep around during the dangerous fight.

The fight against the giant BOW takes place all over the facility and ultimately the two destroy it but not until Piers infects himself with the C-Virus to save Chris. Piers gets Chris out of the oil platform while he stays below and delivers the final blow to the BOW.

So in the end…

Resident Evil 6 has two plots going on. 1) A cover-up story by the American government to hide the hideous truths of their bioterrorism history and 2) a revenge plot by a clone that desires to see Simmons dead and the world covered in darkness.

The two plots happen simultaneously and over a 6-month window. The Edonia and Twin Oaks incidents happen first, then a 6-month break, then China.

But why clone Ada? Simmons was infatuated with her skills and, well, just her in general. He thought a clone of her would go far with his plans. This plan backfired. The clone rebelled and turned out to be way too much like the real Ada to control. Thus the clone created Neo Umbrella and started up her plan of global decimation in revenge for her existence and what Simmons did to her. Her main fault? She got the real Ada involved and well, we all know she gets the job done.

This is a story of political power gone corrupt and a global threat that uses that cover-up as a way to subtly continue unabated. Both plots didn’t count on just about the 80% of the hero line-up of Resident Evil coming into play.


End spoilers




Resident Evil 6 is jam-packed with extra modes including difficulties, the returning Mercenaries, and the brand new Agent Hunt. Of course there are also tons of unlockables like costumes, weapons, cutscenes in chronological order, and collections that tell back story.

There was some more upheaval about on-disc DLC with RE6 but Capcom has just announced that it is all free to gamers and includes even more modes to play, costumes, and difficulties. There will also be paid DLC in the form of more modes, costumes, difficulties, and more unannounced features.

That’s a lot for one game, really. With four campaigns, four difficulties, and seven playable characters available without even touching the above stuff, you’ll have plenty to do in RE6 after you’re done the story.

Mercenaries is just as fun as its always been. If you’re a fan of the mode, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. You unlock more stages and characters to play as you complete the campaigns. To be honest, I find Ada to be the best to play but that’s just my preference. Combos are highly rewarded in Mercenaries and it may take you several plays to get used to how to generate score. My first game got me over 9,000 points and a grade of ‘E’. That’s pretty terrible. This score method and the available characters makes Mercenaries a fun game mode but this is nothing new to Resident Evil now.


Run from the Bason — ahem, Ustanak! This is actually a DLC game mode coming where you have to survive against this beast.


Agent Hunt is particularly interesting. You unlock it when you first beat a campaign and it allows you to invade another player’s campaign as an enemy. Think Dark Souls mixed with Lord of the Rings Online Monster PvP. You take control of a nearby enemy and attempt to kill the player. It actually is pretty fun since the player has to deal with much better AI once you get used to the enemy abilities and movement. You can be the bane of someone’s gameplay session if they leave on online for their campaign.

Watching the cutscenes in chronological order is pretty nice as it pieces together the series of events in RE6. It can also help you understand the game better. Unlocking the costumes and weapons takes a ton of practice, patience, and skill. Learn what is needed for S-rank during chapters and shoot for that. If you fail, start over. It’s a tedious unlock procedure but if you want everything in this game, you’ll have to do it. You should be used to that if you are a veteran of the series, though.

There is a ton of unlockables in this game that for completionists or gamers that like extra costumes or New Game+ modes, you’ll be occupied with RE6 for a long time.




Resident Evil 6 has received a ton of negative press since release. I find it unfounded, to be honest. I had a ton of fun with this game albeit a ton of frustration with some poorly placed quick time events that gave me plenty of deaths and hurt my chapter rank. I look forward to running through the game again in New Game+ and attempt to unlock the weapons I didn’t get and some costumes. Also, I tend to play as Helena, Chris, and Sherry this time around.

That’s the thing about RE6, there is just a ton to do and the story takes well over 20 hours to fully complete. There is an epic scope here to the story that makes you feel like you have to keep playing to stop what’s going on. That gets help thanks to the way Capcom used the 7 playable characters here. Every character feels expertly used. Even in Leon’s campaign where I complained about how the story unraveled  I still enjoyed watching the characters progress. I was very happy to see Ada get some center attention and her own campaign. She also stood out to me as the most interesting character in the franchise due to her secrecy.

It may not be old school or even in the survival horror genre anymore, but Resident Evil 6 succeeded in giving me a fun experience and managed to stay fresh thanks to being able to switch through campaigns and characters. This also lets you come up with your play order in how you feel the story flows. There’s a lot of choice in RE6 in terms of story flow and if you’re a fan of the series’ story and history, you’ll really enjoy watching your favorite characters (and some good, new ones) take this new journey.

Capcom really did a great job using so many established characters in one story. At first it sounded like it would be convoluted but they managed to make it all work and seeing the cross-sections (where campaigns intersect) was awesome. The exchanges between the old characters and new characters were really well done and make me want more.

Mild Spoilers: If you’ve played Resident Evil 5, then you know Chris killed Wesker. Well, that’s Jake’s father and when Jake gets told this… oh man, what an awesome cutscene.

Resident Evil 6 leaves an opening for more games in the series and thanks to this game the threat has gone global and there is much to answer for back in the US. This leaves the series in a high spot due to how many storylines we could see continue here. I sincerely hope that if a Resident Evil 7 ever happens that we get the same partners. Or at least continue to see them in spin-offs or whatnot. I am glad that Sheva did not return as she was a shallow character but I have grown attached to characters like Helena and Jake.

Overall, I am very happy with Resident Evil 6. It has its flaws but the fun I had with the game outweighed them. As a fan of the franchise’s story, this took one of my favorite series to an epic scope and while that may not sit well with some fans, it makes me believe that Capcom has huge plans in store for Resident Evil. It makes me chuckle to think that we’re now talking about a possible Resident Evil but after this game, I can’t wait for it.


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