The Importance of the “Guild” in Guild Wars 2

Obviously guilds are going to make up a big part of a game called Guild Wars. But the importance of the guild in Guild Wars 2 is much different, and much more vital than in the original Guild Wars. The game has changed a lot from original to sequel, and with it the functions and services a guild needs to provide.

I’ll admit that I haven’t found a perfect guild fit yet. On my server (Yak’s Bend) there are a couple of guilds that I’ve tried out. But none of them have proven to be that well rounded, large, active, and helpful guild that I’m looking for. It’s important to find a place in a good guild, because the benefits are numerous.

The guild’s importance is based around the helpfulness of the community that a guild provides. As an MMO player you’re inevitably going to need a hand every once in a while. It could be as simple as getting a hint on a Vista you can’t reach, or it could be that you need help on a Skill Quest or Dungeon. A guild is your own personal Guild Wiki, that also doubles as able bodied helping hands.

Teaming up is a huge part of this community. The dungeons that you need help with require four other players. And finding four other players on your server that want to do the same dungeon at the same time isn’t always easy. It’s a huge time saver to be able to call on your guild and see if they’d like to join your party. Another huge advantage of a good guild is the communication. If your guild has some kind of Ventrilo or TeamSpeak then you’re going to do better on those dungeons, too.

But teaming up is required for more than just dungeons. PvP tournaments are a great way to get PvP achievements, and loot that you can’t find elsewhere. Did you know that winners of tournaments can earn gems? If you have an active PvP guild you can find a way to get gems without breaking out the wallet or PayPal account. Teaming up is also seriously useful in WvWvW, where a single man can’t make much of a difference, but a guild can.

Communication, teaming up, making in-game relationships are all reasons that the guild was important in Guild Wars 1. But in Guild Wars 2, the guild becomes even more important.

Probably the most helpful part of being in a active guild is the communication of random events. The bigger events, that only spawn every 2-3 hours, end with chests that have high end loot. They’re one of the easiest ways to get awesome treasure quickly. The problem is the player has no way of knowing when and where these events are going to spawn. The probability of you stumbling upon one isn’t high, and if you’re not in that specific zone you’ll have no way of knowing when it’s happening. But in a guild there’s a good chance someone will be in that zone when it spawns, or they’ll hear from someone else that the event is going on. You can’t be every where at once, but your guild can.

Legendary Weapons are another helpful trait of the guild that wasn’t necessary in Guild Wars 1. Now that the recipe has been spilled I’m sure you’ve been taken back by some of the requirements. Once again the guild is an important component in the crafting of the Legendary Weapons. First, they have supplies that they don’t need and vice versa. Instead of wasting money at the Black Lion Trading Company guildies can trade the actual crafting components in between players. Crafting these weapons requires  level 400 crafting skills, but if someone in your guild already has them maxed out than you don’t have to. And even better, you’ll get some of the harder components (like 500 WvW badges, and 500 dungeon tokens) faster because you’re saving time finding parties and completing objectives when you do them with your guildies.

Guilds in the original Guild Wars could provide a Guild Hall. And while Guild Wars 2 can’t provide that service, they can provide much better incentives. The guild bank is much more useful than an empty zone that was the Guild Hall. And the banners that officers can spawn can make your rewards that much better with bonuses to gold, magic items, and karma gained.

Obviously the guild is important. But realize that it’s importance has gotten even bigger from Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2. In the original game you could be just as successful playing by yourself. It wasn’t uncommon to find a player that had a maxed out HoM and every title completed. But now, you need a guild. You’re not going to be a successful player without the benefits that a guild provide. It’s too important.