Retro City Rampage Is Best Played On The Vita

Do you own a Vita? Put down everything you are doing and head to the PlayStation Store right now!

Retro City Rampage released the other day and thanks to the *extremely* busy one man dev team over at V-Blank, Leviathyn was able to get retro on the PC and the Vita earlier today. Not many reviews have hit the web since release but if I could add one bit of advice to potential buyers it would be this: buy it on the Vita.

Retro City is a fantastic blend of entertainment lore and a baseball bat to the face of nostalgia. You can’t walk 500 pixels without seeing some sort of homage to classic games, movies, tv shows, or some other sort of entertainment medium. The gameplay is top notch and has a great flow while the amazing soundtrack will have your feet tapping endlessly while you play and even after you’re finished.

That’s just a mini-review, really. Leviathyn will have its full review for Retro City Rampage later on.

So why get it on Vita? Let’s look at the pros:

  • Cross-Buy Promotion: Buy this game on the Vita and you get the PS3 version for free. Or vise-versa, even.
  • Cross Saves: Retro City takes use of the cloud saves those with certain Vita games have come to love. Save your game on the Vita and then hit the couch to play on the PS3 at the same location.
  • Cross Trophies: Earn a trophy in the Vita version of Retro City? That same trophy carries over to your PS3 version. In fact, Retro City Rampage’s trophy list is unified. I believe this is the first game to do that!

Those are the concrete pros of buying this game on the Vita, but for my own opinion I have to say that this game is truly meant for a portable device. It is easy to pick up, quick to get something done, and throws humor at you at all times. So why would you want to limit that experience to your couch or computer desk? While it is great that there are plenty of platforms options to play Retro City on, I found myself glad that I could take the game wherever I went. There’s nothing like doing a Steamroller Pedestrian Crunch challenge while waiting for your work shift to start or head through a story mission before finally falling asleep in the bedroom.

Retro City is easy enough to explore or experience at least one cool thing in the game if you have some passing time. It doesn’t need your undivided attention or huge amounts of time for one gameplay session. This is where its portable strength really shines.

Aside from Madden and the occasional Mortal Kombat fix, I’ve been really itching for something to make me want to pick up and play my Vita instead of only doing so for a review. Retro City Rampage has given me tons of laughs, chuckles, nostalgia, and stress relief in a portable package. I really can’t recommend the Vita version enough.

Boss pissing you off to no end? Nothing that a rampage challenge where you have to set 50 people on fire will cure.

Just feel like letting off some steam? Input UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT TRIGGER, CIRCLE for Gawd Mode and unleash hell on the city.

Feel like testing your luck? Head to the arcade and play mini-games like Bit.Trip, Meat Boy, and Meal Time.

This game was meant to be portable and with the added Cross-Platform features above, you really can’t deny that the Vita is the best place for your nostalgia rampage.