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PSN store refresh coming soon

For you PlayStation 3 users out there, are you sick and tired of the design of the PlayStation Network store? Well, Sony is here to help tend to your woes. Sony is showing off a brand new redesigned user interface for the PlayStation Network store.

According to VG247, “It’s from a functional perspective that the store will undergo its biggest changes. The search function is now smart, so provides a reductive list of options as each letter of the search phrase is typed.” In addition, even if you misspell or abbreviate search queries, the search bar will know what you mean. As for actual input, it is now more Xbox-like, giving you a column rather than the standard pop-up keyboard.

Sections for the PS Vita and PSP, meanwhile, will remain separated. Expect the overhaul to launch in PAL territories on October 17th, while North America and Canada will receive the update on October 23rd.


Source: VG247