The Walking Dead Primer

With Episode 4 releasing today on PS3 and tomorrow everywhere else, now is a perfect time to catch up on some of the decisions you have made along the way, and how they could affect your journey moving forward.  This is focused on the decisions you’ve already made.  For a look at what may be to come, check out Cassidee’s predictions for the next installment.

Your relationship with Kenny:  Kenny is a man on the edge.  He has lost his family, and probably his hope, but he is still going.  For now.  Lee and Clementine’s friendship could be the last thread he is holding onto, so it stands to reason that your past would dictate your future.  Siding with Kenny over Lilly, especially in the matter of her father, is important to him, and how you make him stop the train is a crucial interaction as well.  I suspect a very tense encounter with Kenny in the future, and I hope that the game takes your past actions into account for this critical showdown.

Your relationship with Clementine:  Of course the obvious threat of the voice on the walkie-talkie is looming, but what about the threat of an internal conflict.  The game has noted several times when I went out of my way to accommodate Clem, so I hope that becomes a factor.  I don’t want to find out I chased down all that junk food for nothing!  Honestly, my fear is that at the end, Clementine will not be taken, but choose to leave Lee.  If I can prevent that I will.  The hook of protecting Clementine is a masterstroke on the part of Telltale Games.  It is the only motivation I need to keep going.

Lilly:  Lilly.  I am still angry at her for what she did.  “Carley?  Carley!  CAAAAAARLEEY!”  Somewhere Colonel Campbell is laughing.  But I’m not, Carley was my girl.  An interesting conundrum here is Doug.  If he was saved (Doug?  As if!) then he is killed while saving Ben’s life, further making Ben a completely expendable resource.  Whether you leave her or bring her RV-thieving ass, she is gone by the time Episode 4 begins.  How much will the state you left her in matter when she inevitably returns.  I don’t regret leaving her to die after her cold-blooded murder, but it may have some serious consequences.

The supplies in the car:  One of the open plot threads that wasn’t directly addressed in Episode is the consequences, or lack thereof, of taking the supplies in the car at the end of Episode 2.  Are there repercussions to this?  Or were they simply free supplies?  I’m inclined to believe that the real issue there wasn’t the possible revenge you could face, but rather the impact the event has on Clementine.  In a world gone mad, is everything up for grabs?  This seems like a significant moment in Clem’s development.

The St. John brothers:  I don’t foresee the St. John’s returning no matter how you handled them, but again, how you handled the situation makes an obvious impression on Clementine.  Can we still show mercy, however undeserved/?  I usually take the good guy path, but maybe Clem needs to know that this is a world of survival, not mercy.  One of the key questions of the Walking Dead is can both of those things co-exist now, and the game has done a wonderful job of pushing that theme.




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