What’s Your All-Time Favorite RPG?

With their wide range of settings, choice, and immersive quality, it’s no surprise that RPGs make up some of the most engaging and remarkable games in our history.

And with so many to choose from, it’s easy to have opinions just as wide and varied as the games themselves. So, we’ve decided to take on the impossible task by attempting to nail down our all-time favorite RPG. What’s yours? Share with us in the comments below!


I’ve been asked this before, and my answer is always the same: Chrono Trigger. It has everything, comedy, drama, horror, science fiction, all wrapped up in a time travel plot that never becomes too convoluted or difficult to understand. The whole game’s presented in colorful two-dimensional sprites and backgrounds, yet despite this, tackled a lot of adult themes, like love, death, racism, sacrifice, and predetermination versus free will. And the game will tug on your heartstrings more than once. The gameplay was turn-based, but the double and triple techs added a layer of strategy that required you to really think your way through battle.

With New Game + and multiple endings and sidequests, I’ve played through this game more times than any other RPG, and it never ceases to be fun and engaging. The characters are all well detailed and defined, with the possible exception of player-insert silent protagonist Crono, but Magus is quite possibly my favorite RPG character ever. Chrono Trigger is simply the best RPG ever made, and if you don’t agree, tell me, does your favorite RPG have a flying time machine that shoots lasers? Didn’t think so.


The original PlayStation is filled with classic titles and the one that I will always remember as my favorite RPG is Parasite Eve. There was nothing like it and even to this day nothing has come close. Horror games were big on the PSOne and Parasite Eve took it to new extremes. The entire plot of the story revolved around rebellious cells in the body and the monsters they created. Only one person seemed immune to the effects of this rebellion and instead gained powers that could help combat this terrestrial yet alien threat. From the combat to the soundtrack, Parasite Eve will always be my favorite RPG. It was also one of the first I actually finished.


This is a hard fight between Mass Effect and Oblivion for me. Oblivion was one of the first hardcore high fantasy games I ever really got into, and I loved everything about the world of Tamriel.

But the story of Mass Effect, the combat, the choices, the characters…nearly everything about that game struck a chord with me that resonated with me long after I finished playing it. I loved the universe of Mass Effect, everything from the deep lore and storied backgrounds to the relationships between species and races as they all converged on the Citadel.

But most of all, I loved the setting of Mass Effect. Gone is the conventional setting of mountains and made-up worlds inhabited by orcs and elves, instead clearing the way for a fresh take on the genre that placed me in the middle of a raging galactic battle. Having the chance to play as Commander Shepard and going through all of the choices and scenarios within the game still sits as one of the most epic and memorable experiences I’ve had in a game, making Mass Effect my favorite RPG of all time.


I can’t really pinpoint one RPG as my favorite but I will have to go with
the Final Fantasy VII story as my top choice. I understand it gets a ton
of flak for being so popular and all that but if you go through all of the
games, I just can’t think of a better story with two main characters.

Is Cloud really the main character? Or are we really just playing out the
rest of Zach Fair’s life because it ended so abruptly? That is why this
story is so interesting to me. We saw in Crisis Core that Zach asked his
friend Cloud to live out his life for him and from that point out Cloud
wasn’t himself. He was Zach. Then finally when he did everything Zach
wanted to in his life and had to start living his own again, he was
traumatized and directionless. You can’t blame him, really.

I used to hate that part of Final Fantasy VII where I was helping Cloud
find himself again but now I completely understand why it’s there. He
doesn’t understand who he is or how to live on his own because for years
and years he was living someone else’s life.

That’s fricken deep, dude. That is why Final Fantasy VII remains my top
choice for RPG.


My favorite RPG of all time, hands down, is Final Fantasy X. This love is due to nostalgia for many reasons. Final Fantsy X was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played,  and the first PS2 game I ever played. It was one of the first times I had to really grind in a game, and one of the first times that I triumphantly defeated a very difficult boss as a result of this grinding. And, most importantly, it was the first really long game that I ever completed. FFX has a fantastic, fleshed-out world with lots of compelling characters, such as powerful and mysterious Auron, gung-ho and stubborn Wakka, soft-spoken yet wise Lulu, and the dastardly villain, Seymour. Every Final Fantasy game has a unique battle system, and FFX’s battle system is in my opinion, the best of the lot. The system is very simple on the surface, but can become very tactical, complex, and ultimately rewarding. Of course, the most important part of any RPG is its story, and boy does FFX have a great story. The game is very well-paced, and ends with an emotional bang that made me truly sad that it was over. You should give Final Fantasy X a try-unless you hate fun, you won’t regret it.

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