The Walking Dead: Character Development

Netflix just uploaded the second season of The Walking Dead to their instant download list. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a big Walking Dead fan until recently. I saw the first season and I thought, eh. But the second season really changed my mind. You can tell their funding dramatically improved because their special effects, plot, and dialogue sure did.

I’m new to the Walking Dead fan club, but I do have some opinions about the direction of the show. As I wait for the third season to premier there are some characters that I think should be highlighted in the upcoming episodes. The writers made sure to kill some major characters at the end of the second season, so the characters that are left should all be given some more development. Here are three characters that I’d like to see more of this season.



So far T-Dog is a severely underdeveloped character. One of his only stories in season two was getting injured on a car door, and that seemed like a way for writers to get out of developing more of his character. What’s worse than T-Dog’s infection is his obvious  status of “Token Black Guy.” He’s in the group to add some variety, and make sure the show isn’t fully casted by white actors. Glenn, who was beginning to be another token minority character, has had a couple of lead roles in stories. He’s even gotten his shot at a love story. It’s T-Dogs turn to stop standing around as an extra and get his character developed.


You might not remember who Beth is. That’s because so little of The Walking Dead has been focused on her that she’s quickly become an extra character. She tried to commit suicide in the second season, but her feeble attempt is what made her realize she wanted to live. Her sister Maggie has had tons of stage time, but Beth is a character we know virtually nothing about. She’s physically, emotionally, and perhaps mentally weak, but now is the time for her to step up. Her friend Sophia was taken over by the zombies, so if the writers decided to take one of the blond extras out and not the other they have to give her importance.


Andrea was a character that had a lot of development in season 2. But all of her major stories were tied with either Shane or Dale. Now those characters are gone, and in the season finale of season 2 we find her in the woods by herself (except for the hooded figure we’ve never seen before). Andrea, when not relying on Shane and Dale, was sulking about Amy. But that story has dried up to, and the writers would be stupid to bring it back up. She’s a powerful character, and there is sure to be lots of development that could be done. But without her co-stars is her story going to continue on?


These might not be my favorite characters, or characters that I even like. But they’re going to have to start getting more of a story line if writers are planning on keeping them on the cast. The Shane story has dried up, and so has the Dales, so we need these characters to start giving the group more drama. Otherwise Rick’s group would have an easy time suriving, and we wouldn’t want to watch that!

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