The Slender Man Mythos Gets More Games

The Slender Man started out as an internet meme in 2009, and has only continued to grow since then. If you’re unfamiliar with the myth, then here’s the basics: Slender Man is an entity depicted as a tall, thin figure wearing a black suit and a blank face. According to the legend, he can stretch or shorten his arms at will and has tentacle-like appendages protruding from his back. Depending on the interpretations of the myth, the creature can cause , photograph/video distortions and can teleport at will. It’s also said that once you see the Slender Man, he will stalk you until he eventually catches you, and then you disappear from this world, though no one really knows where you go.

Slender Man’s myth continues to grow, with alternate versions of Slender in new locations being produced by Slender Man’s Shadow, an international development team consisting of three main members. While the objectives remain the same (collect 8 pages and avoid the Slender Man) the new levels feature new some sound effects and maps that are somehow just as twisty and confusing as the forest from the original game. Slender Man gets a little tweaking as well, which keeps things interesting. There are six maps available right now (Sanatorium, Hospice, Elementary, Mansion, Claustrophobia, 7th Street) with another one, called Prison, coming in just over twenty-four hours. A few more maps are in development, Carnival, Christmas Special, and SDK.

The Prison map will have a large amount of new features, including a rebuilt AI, new soundtrack and it promises more scares.

Another Slender Man project under development is Slender: Arrival, by the maker of the original Slender game, Marc Hadley. Details about this game are sketchy, but the site promises “more levels, improved visuals, and an engaging storyline,” along with the two teaser screenshots below.








Steam Greenlight right now features three projects based on the Slender Man, all exploring the myth from a slightly different angle.

The Legend

While page-finding is the main goal in other Slender Man games, developer Elder Productions will keep them in only as achievements. “We plan to concept the Slenderman into an even more mysterious (but-even-more dangerous) figure. With the backup of our NextGen Graphics, you’ll start seeing him in your mind too. Everywhere. There will be multiple environments including a Forest, a mysteriously abandoned urban district, an underground labyrinth and even a pretty garden to hide-in from time-to-time. Just maybe not for long…” The Legend will feature three different characters, each being developed by a separate team. Players will be different characters on different maps and each will have different abilities and equipment, for instance in the Ward, you play as a teenager, using a phone and a “not long lasting” flashlight. In the Park, you’re an adult with a flashlight but no means of communication. The third character is a secret. I’m kind of hoping it’s the Slender Man himself, but we won’t know until they tell us. The Legend will feature many modes of play, including a Story, Free-Roam Survival, and Co-Op.

The Slender Man Stories: The Orphanage seeks to explore more of the story of the Slender Man and incorporates material from the original legend that would be ignored by later expanders of the myth.

“Grimhaven Orphanage, Illinois, USA. This is the actual location of that old schoolhouse in the photo posted back in 2009, the place where you come face to face with your past, your fears, your future – and the legendary slenderman! Here, one fateful night on June 17th 1898, a dozen children and the orphanage’s caretaker disappeared… seemingly without a trace . . . Could there be a deeper set of motivations to this journey? It seems that parallel to your search for the truth, you must also save the soul of your own ancestor, the missing orphan Charley – or you may cease to exist yourself. Twists in time and tears in the fabric of space provide glimpses of the terrifying events of that night, and as you piece together the stories behind the disappearances you learn of shocking connections to the haunted young Charley. Follow the clues, do as Charley asks you, find him, bring him back, or cease to exist yourself!”

In Faceless, players must work together to collect a certain amount of creepy dolls while trying to avoid the slenderman.  Players have access to the journal of Daniel, a man who’s gone missing. The journal reveals Daniel’s encounters with the slenderman and possibly is the key to unraveling the secret of the slenderman. The game will come with two maps, a forest and an abandoned hospital. Developer Manio’s Workshop plans to create 6 more, so that the the complete game will have eight. Faceless will feature four person co-op, but you’ll start the game separate from each other and will only be able to hear voice chat from players that are near you. The game will also include an editor so that players can design their own maps.

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