Angry Birds Meets…Star Wars?

Being one of the most popular mobile games ever created gives you a lot of room to stretch your legs, so to speak. From Seasons to Space, we’ve seen Angry Birds appear in multiple spin-offs and versions of the popular mobile game, and now it looks like they’re ready to inhabit a galaxy far, far away.

A recent teaser on Rovio’s new tumblr account features a gif of a bird in what looks like a jedi robe slowly drawing a lightsaber. It doesn’t offer anything by way of official game announcement (or any information about the image at all, for that matter), but it does have this written across the bottom:

“Times Square, New York, October 8th, 10am EST. HINT: Head to Toys R Us at 8am EST!”

Being a shameless Angry Birds fan and Star Wars nerd, this seems like a perfectly sensible marriage that guarantees to gobble up my free time and iPhone battery. That is, if it’s an actual game. Stay tuned for more news an developments on the teaser in the coming days.

(Source: tumblr)

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