Ten Games That Could Save The Vita

Perhaps the word “save” is a bit harsh here. There is nothing wrong with the Vita. Technically. The problem lies in sales and how they are driving away devs. There is no doubt that Sony’s second handheld is ailing globally right now and a big issue is what’s available on the store shelves.

Right now going into a store you will see the majority of launch titles with a handful of new ones. Honestly, since launch the only new games I can think of off the top of my head are: Gravity Rush, Mortal Kombat, LittleBigPlanet, and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Anything else hasn’t really made a splash. Sure, you got plenty of downloadable PSP games, Sound Shapes, and now the PS1 Classics but no one will see those on the shelves. You need to own the Vita first to see those.

So what games would turn around sales? Sony needs to go to developers and influence them to make the following games. It doesn’t matter if they even have to finance a few of them. These Vita games need to be made and out on store shelves as soon as possible.

(no particular order)


Monster Hunter Portable 4th

There is no denying the power of Monster Hunter of a Sony handheld. This series propelled the PSP into the atmosphere in terms of sales and popularity in the East and even helped it come back from the grave in the US. People just can’t get enough of Monster Hunter.

With the 3DS getting Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate alongside the Wii U, Sony needs to step up their game and get Capcom to bring this franchise back to the PlayStation brand. In fact, having a game cross-platform on both the Vita and the PS3 would be huge. Offer the free Vita version with that lovely promotion and feature plenty of cross play stuff. Take advantage of the connectivity between these two platforms with one of the most popular game series.

This is perhaps the most important game in this list. I can’t even fathom the percentage number that would come up after seeing week 1 sales of Vitas after this game’s release. With the way the thing is selling right now, I foresee a 300% increase in sales. Minimum.


Borderlands 2

Gearbox wants this to happen but they want/need Sony’s help. They have a lot on their plate right now and it wouldn’t make sense for them to set aside a part of their team for the Vita right now. You really can’t blame them. However, they are fans of the platform and see plenty of potential. They obviously know how great a Borderlands game on a portable would sell and Sony needs to heed this call. No need for petitions on this one, this is important.

With the power of the Vita the majority of Borderlands 2’s weapons, combat, areas, voiceovers, and content should make it in. This should be as close to console edition as possible to not only give players the portable Borderlands loving, but also showcase the raw power of this handheld.

In fact, add in cross-play with saves and let PS3 owners play straight from their last location on the go. If that’s possible then why not go a step further and let cross-platform multiplayer happen? Hmm, maybe for Borderlands 3.


Final Fantasy Type-0

Finally, an actual game. While the first two on this list are not real (yet should be!), Typo-0 is a Japan-only released PSP game. Think of it as the ultimate vision for Crisis Core in terms of gameplay. This is  3rd person action RPG set in the Final Fantasy XIII universe. I tend to think that this game’s world, design, and enemies are a mixture of XIII and VII myself. Even the mech enemies almost look like they were ripped straight from Shinra’s assembly line.

Anywho, Type-0 is a blast to play and it has been begging for localization for a long time now. While, in a perfect world, the localization would see it come to both the PSP and Vita to be fair, a Vita version must head to the states to bring the strong branding of Final Fantasy to this handheld. Branding aside, this is a great game with fast-paced action that Vita owners and prospecting owners would jump on.

Like Crisis Core? You’ll love Type-0. Hate Final Fantasy XIII? No problem, you’ll barely even think of Lightning and her crew with this game. Type-0 needs to come to America for the Vita — HD graphics or not!


Resident Evil Vita

While Resident Evil 6 is being met with mixed reviews (ours will be up soon!), the brand name itself carries plenty of weight. Having Resident Evil on the Vita would go a long way but if Capcom can capture the old school survival horror aspect like what we saw in Revelations, it would help even more.

As for what I would like to see in a Vita entry for the Resident Evil series? Sherry Berkin. In Resident Evil 6, the daughter of the original Tyrant returned to the series in an older form and also an agent of an anti-bioterrorism unit. How the hell did Sherry get to this point? I’d love to explore this and how she got over being the daughter of a mad scientist who helped destroy the world and even cope with her own virus.

Sherry’s story would bolster the Vita’s shelve looks and its sales. Resident Evil is still a top-selling franchise and this name needs to be on the Vita.


BioShock Vita

This has already been confirmed for released but it needs to happen soon. Anything later than Summer 2013 and it could be way too late. The Vita needs BioShock now rather than later. Understandable, Irrational is having its own problems with Infinite but we also don’t know if a separate team is working on BioShock Vita or if it is a shared dev cycle. If it is a separate team, showing off some glimpse of the game would go a long way in helping owners and non-owners get even more excited.

BioShock Vita should be featured in Columbia, Infinite’s airborne home. Either showing some background or to further expand on the story after Infinite, a BioShock game on the Vita will sell tons of copies. Having the iconic gameplay of the series in a mobile capacity will be very inciting.

Thankfully, we don’t have to hope for this game. It is real and it is happening. It’s just a matter of when. Unfortunately, that’s a big issue.


Diablo 3

Ever play Heroes of Ruin? While I wasn’t a huge fan of it and its stiff… everything, the game did tease the possibility of a mobile and fully fleshed out loot fest on a portable device. If anything, the Vita would make for an excellent home for a dungeon crawler. Dungeon Hunter is also a good example of how they games could work but with Diablo 3’s scope, co-op, and online functions it would be a smash hit.

If Diablo is headed for any system other than the PC, I sincerely hope that Blizzard is looking at the Vita. Having a game as big as Diablo 3 in a mobile edition complete with 4-player multiplayer and all of the bells and whistles would be huge.

Blizzard has already talked about interest of bringing Diablo to consoles and the PS3 has already been rumored as the lead system. How about the Vita, though? Controls would be easy to transition to thanks to the limited need for so many keys in Diablo 3. The only thing is that I can’t see that it would be easy to continuously update and add to the game like Blizzard is doing now. Perhaps it would be best to wait for the first expansion pack so you have the game in its best possible form and could even include the expansion content on the Vita version as no charge to the initial price.


Mass Effect Vita

“I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite portable on the Citadel.”

While Shepard’s endorsing days are over with Mass Effect 3, we already know that the franchise will live on. I’m sure there will always be a core series on consoles, the Vita would make an excellent home for some side adventures in space. Perhaps we could play as a new character or even a returning Normandy squad mate to further tack on some details above a background story. For one, I’d love to play out Garrus’ Omega crusade or anything with the Illusive Man. Maybe even call out some missions with Miranda and Jacob while they served in Cerberus.

Either way, having a Mass Effect game on the Vita would be huge. This would be a system seller just as big as the Monster Hunter 4th game. Plus, Normandy themed, collector’s edition Vita bundles!


Fallout Vita

Getting a sandbox game on the Vita is important, sure, but having a Fallout game is even better! Running around in a post apocalyptic area on the go is something that I crave myself. Does it have to be a port? Hell, even if they got Fallout 3 to work on the Vita that would be stunning.

However, it would be an even bigger release if it was in a new location. Maybe some place smaller than New Vegas of the Capital Wasteland? How about an island? A Fallout: Dead Island-type mixture for the Vita would be a huge title. Or maybe we could head north again and face the snow, wind, and desolate towns in an expanded Alaska? Perhaps we could get out of US-owned land and head to the east. Perhaps Japan? Fallout: Tokyo just sounds too tempting.

Bethesda and Sony would do well to bring Fallout to the Vita. It would be a huge seller and bring a ton of attention to how powerful and capable the Vita is.


Dark Souls Portable

The challenge of a lifetime on the go? How can you say no?

Seriously though, Dark Souls and in extension Demons Souls are smash hits on the consoles and revered for their difficulty and in-depth gameplay. Oh, and kooky story, world, and NPCs. This game would thrive on the handheld. Facing down the unmerciful hordes in the Dark Souls universe while on a bus, plane, car, or just outside on the patio is a very cool thing to think of. There is nothing too special about the controls that would make me think a transition to the Vita would be too difficult. In fact, the only issue I see is the sandbox-like world. It would be best to head back to the World selection model like in Demons Souls. The return of the Nexus?

Perhaps the only terrible part about this game would be the urge to fling your Vita across the room during every play session. Have some self control with your Vitas while playing this game!


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories

This has been on the wishlist for most PSP players for a long time. The problem is that the PSP just can’t handle San Andreas. However, the Vita could certainly call the west coast sandbox game its home.

This game could bridge the gap between San Andreas and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. Or, if this is just too impossible to think of releasing before V, then it could just add to San Andreas’ storyline and history.

Who cares, honestly? It’s Grand Theft Auto and a return of CJ’s home. That is what fans want and giving San Andreas the portable “Stories” treatment would be huge for the Vita. Rockstar could use the extra boost in capital since without a big release like GTA to basically make their year with one title, a new portable GTA would go a long way.

I can see myself headed to the gym and bulking out while sitting at the desk at work now. Gotta keep that physique up!


Even if these ten games are not in your wishlist for the Vita. Just imagine how these ten titles sitting side-by-side on store shelves would influence so many people to buy this handheld. Now also think how these franchise names would help bring more devs to the table. There is no doubt that these ten games would “save” the Vita.

Sony! Get off your butts, advertise this thing correctly, and get these games no matter what it takes!



Which games are in your wishlist for the Vita? Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. SirYellowhill

    I would love to see God of War-series on Vita (which is probably going to happen, but still, I would add that to the list).

  2. ralphlaurencef

    i agree with the games you have featured i think hitman absolution will be a great addition to that list and some simulation games like Anno or Sims

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