SimCity Is Amazing And It’s About Time

Have you seen the new strategy trailer launched for the next SimCity? No? Well you should because for the first time in a long time this video shows you some of the features of the reinvented famous city game, SimCity. A more sophisticated but simple to manage game has seemed to surface in the video, from the once crazy game engine mechanics in SimCity 4 to what would look like a well managed, balanced game play.

I clearly remember when SimCity 4 came out, it looked amazing compared to the SimCity 3 of yester-year. But it didn’t take long when playing SimCity 4 to realize all the faults and issues with the game. The games GUI was not the easiest to use or remember where all the functions were. Besides the fact some of the mechanics in the game were useless compared to others, like why would you use highways when you had to create an adjacent city for people to move from location to location.

It became common to use cheats in SimCity 4 to bypass the mundane task of keeping your city at very best, balanced and not in the red. Of course you could create a crappy city next door to ship all your trash to and recruit workers; but I digress, the simple point was, simcity 4 was not complete and even with the expansion, SimCity Rush Hour, the game lacked some basic functions for balancing or growing your city.

Well the new SimCity seems to wipe that away. In the new version, you have an option of growing your city into a big business for some (x) market. The video demonstrates, with lead designer Stone Librande,  how to create a casino city, or a SimCity Las Vegas. Picking the zoning area for your city is key, location. In the game there is already highways and railways on the map, picking a location near water, but close to rail or road is key to bringing tourists and job seekers to your city.

Zoning is even better in the new SimCity, in a snap style fashion, it auto connects to your laid out roads for the best locations to build structures (if you remember the too far away from road zoning issue in SimCity 4). Waste management is also included in the game, where you have to connect a sewage system for raw sewage from your city to a treatment plant. Your power lines and water mains are already built in with the roads you lay, just like how your water main is probably under the street in from of your house or apartment.

There is also a water table in SimCity, finding your water source is key for bringing water into your city. Trash removal and zoning (Residential, Commercial, Industrial) are the same or seem the same from SimCity 4. You can add wind turbines to the original plant you develop or purchase power from another city (or use another power source). While the video didn’t go into details about health, commute times, traffic, pollution  etc, I do image this to be in the game as with the older versions.

There defiantly seems from watching the video that the new SimCity has a cause and reaction to your choices. Bad choices will cause issues in your city, whether that be high crime, pollution, unemployment, etc. The game just seems more based on reality than previous versions of SimCity, I don’t know if it’s because you can say add more turbines to your wind farm than say building a whole new one or that power lines and water mains are already built in with the roads.

And lets not forget the look of the game, only one word for me sums up the new graphics for SimCity, “gorgeous”. To see all the street lights and car headlights come on when night time rolls around is breath taking. When zoomed in you can see a lot more detail to the little things in the game like the workings from factories or people walking on the street. You also had some of this from SimCity 4, but not in the detail of the new SimCity.

I have to admit, I have been waiting for a new SimCity for a long, long time. I was always worried that EA would some how change the game into a simple casual point and click DLC game, but I’m quite surprised it seems the opposite. It would appear a lot of hard work and dedication for SimCity has been in the works and planned for a long time. Probably so much so as to why the game has been delayed for so long. This is one game on my radar as an absolute must for the 2013 game buy. I hope to see more soon, and I’m sure you will too.

See the new strategy walk through trailer below for the new SimCity, coming out February 2013