Speed Kittens

From developer Grey May comes Speed Kittens, one of the cutest and most unique iOS games I’ve played this year.

At a glance, Speed Kittens has a seemingly simple premise; zeppelins of milk are flying across the screen, and your goal is to use one of multiple airborne kittens and send them flying into the zeppelin to bring it down.

As the level begins, you’ll notice several kittens flying around the screen at once, all waiting for you to launch them. There’s a surprising amount of strategy involved in controlling these kittens, however; after playing with the game for some time, I was able to bounce kittens off of each other and use the trajectory to send them flying into multiple zeppelins at once, giving the game an interesting edge and challenge.

Different kittens have their own unique feel and can be used for specific purposes. Large cats move quickly and leave destruction in their wake, the small white cats are faster, but harder to aim when targeting a zeppelin or another kitten, and the orange cats are your average, all-around movers who combine speed and power to get the best of both. Other kittens can be purchased using the bottles of milk acquired within the gameplay.

Upgrades and power ups are purchased within the app using in-app currency or purchases within. The company also awards a fair amount of milk bottles to those who follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The game can feel a bit frantic at first, but a good tutorial in the beginning helps to give you a sense of what to expect from the gameplay.

Controls are handled with an Angry Birds-style of touch and drag mechanic. After selecting a cat to launch, drag it in the direction you want it to go, then release and watch your kitten zip across the screen. The controls are implemented well and feel natural in gameplay.

The game’s overall presentation is good, using a cute, cartoony art style and offering multiple backgrounds to play in that can be unlocked with bottles of milk earned during gameplay or bought as an in-app purchase.  The soundtrack is fairly simple and generic, but doesn’t detract from the gameplay or negatively effect anything.

Where the game could have improved is to offer a wider scope of challenges. The game tends to get a bit repetitive, especially if you want to earn every last bottle of milk manually in the level. Things such as environmental challenges, enemies, or even a wider variety of kittens who each serve a unique purpose and have a wider range of skills beyond their speed or size would have been a welcome addition to the formula. As it stands however, the game is entertaining and interesting.


Speed Kittens is a fun, quirky little iOS game well worth its $.99 price. Using intuitive and responsive controls, an interesting gameplay premise, and a fair amount of challenge, it’s a satisfying action game anyone can enjoy, even if they aren’t a cat person.

Cassidee reviews Speed Kittens for the iPhone.

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