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Fallblox, sequel to Pushmo, announced for November release

If you haven’t dropped the cash money to get Pushmo, you’re missing out on an incredible puzzle game available through the 3DS eShop. For those of you who have played Pushmo and enjoyed it, you’ll be delighted to know that during Europe’s Nintendo Direct today, Fallblox, the sequel to Pushmo, is headed to the Nintendo 3DS.

While Pushmo let you, ironically, pull blocks, Fallblox will let you push and pull blocks in any direction. Depending on how you push and pull the blocks, other blocks can even fall, adding an extra layer of “huh?” for the game. While a November release date was given for Europe, Nintendo of America has confirmed that Fallblox is headed to the North American eShop on November 22nd, but it will be known as Crashmo.


Source: Joystiq