Six Story Predictions For The Walking Dead: Episode 4

So, I’m totally engrossed in Telltale’s The Walking Dead in a way I haven’t felt with a game since the first Mass Effect. I can’t get enough of it, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next episode like a kid who knows exactly what awesome gift they’re getting for Christmas, but has to wait for a few more weeks until they open it.

Telltale somewhat whetted my appetite earlier this week when they released a trailer for the upcoming Episode 4: Around Every Corner. Since Episode 3 was very much a “bridge the gap” episode that focused more on character development and building of the overall plot, I think it’s safe to assume that things are about to get real in a big, big way with Episode 4. After watching the trailer and thinking of the events of the last episode, I’d like to put on my fortune teller hat and give you six predictions for what’s going to happen in Around Every Corner.*

And so nobody whines about it: SPOILERS, SPOILERS, EVERYWHERE . You have been warned.

(Trailer NSFW-language)

Prediction #1: Omid is going to die, reanimate as a zombie, and you’ll be forced to kill him. Because of this, Christa will become angry with you and will either A) Lilly-style freak out over his dead body, or B) Try to kill you in revenge. 

At the end of Episode 3, I chose to save Christa before Omid. Why? I don’t know…I’m probably biased and looking out for womankind, here, I guess (no, not really). But because of that, Omid injured his leg, and now he’s got a big, gross wound on it. And since the post-apocalyptic world in The Walking Dead isn’t exactly sterile, you can bet he’s going to get some sort of infection in there, which will lead to his ultimate demise and reanimation. You’ll have to kill him, and because she’s looking out for him, Christa will be pissed that you offed her man and will come after you in one way or another. And honestly, I’m fine with both of them going away. They don’t feel….right, for some reason. Or, maybe I’m just paranoid.

Prediction #2: Lee and Kenny are going to have an ugly confrontation.

Let’s face it: where he was once useful, Kenny is now a despondent shell of his former self. And he has every right to be. After all, in my playthrough, he lost his wife to suicide and his son to a bullet in the head/the virus that’s infected the world and caused the living dead to walk the Earth. Either way, the man has suffered through a lot and as such, is not who he once was. And since he’s got nothing left to live for besides himself, he’s bound to be a bit more reckless, which Lee will take issue with due to the fact he’s making plans to book it with Clementine the first opportunity he gets. You see this here, with Kenny justifying his drinking at what Lee considers to be a poor time. Maybe Kenny’s newfound love of alcohol will start to tear things apart? There are a million possibilities here, but I think the bottom line is that these two will eventually butt heads in a big, ugly way.

Prediction #3: Ben will put Clementine in danger, and because of his actions, you’ll have the option to kill him.

Ben proved he has no spine when he started stealing from the supplies to bargain with Bandits in Episode 3. Because of this, he’s ultimately responsible for the death of Carly and knows that he’s the reason things got so bad with Lilly and everyone else. Regardless of his guilt, however, Ben is a selfish coward who will ultimately abandon Clementine when she needs it most, and it will put her in grave danger. We saw one instance of this take place in the trailer; I think another will occur where the stakes are higher and the consequence is much more dire, and because of this, Lee will have the option to kill Ben out of anger and on an impulse.

This is kind of a dream of mine, since Ben is the reason Lilly shot my girl Carly point blank in the face. Ben for Carly? Please. He’s got it coming, if you ask me.

Prediction #4: At the end of the episode, Clementine will be abducted by the voice on the walkie.

Episode 3 ended with the creepy reveal that Clementine has been communicating with an unknown person on the walkie talkie she took from her home. Throughout the trailer, we hear references to the voice on the walkie over and over again, and hints are dropped that suggest we’ll be meeting other survivors in the abandoned town. At the end of the episode, I think things will close out with Clementine being taken and Lee being forced to rescue her. Which could be really interesting. After all, in a way, Clem represents the innocence that Lee lacks, and thus, he feels compelled to protect her and keep her from harm. On top of that, she’s part of the reason he continues to fight for survival like he does, and if she’s gone, he’ll get desperate and do whatever it takes to rescue her. And since we are related to Lee at an extension, we’ll be driven to rescue Clem as well, making this an interesting and unique development that could really make the story compelling.

Prediction #5: You’ll learn more about what exactly caused the outbreak.

Hints are dropped throughout the trailer that suggest we might learn a bit more about what exactly happened that caused the outbreak of zombies to reach such a disastrous level so quickly. The crew holes up in a high school, talking about ghost stories coming true; they discover what looks like a bloody hospital room, and a few other hints are sprinkled throughout the trailer that lead me to believe we’ll start to get pieces to put the puzzle together and understand more about the disaster that’s taken over Georgia (and presumably the rest of the world). I’m kind of hoping for this one, because my favorite part of any zombie story is finding out more about the virus itself and why it came to be.

Prediction #6: Carly is not really dead, and she’ll come to save you in your greatest moment of need. 

This is a total and complete pipe dream. Carly is dead; she was shot in the face, and isn’t getting back up. At least, not to come to your aid. But, she was one of my favorite characters, and a girl can dream, right?

ACTUAL Prediction#6: There either A)Won’t be any boats, or B)Won’t be enough room for everyone at the docks.

Christa asked whether or not there would be boats at the docks in the trailer, to which Lee responds with “Sure as hell better be.”

There won’t be. That’s what I’m predicting, anyway. There won’t be any boats, or at least, there won’t be enough, and it’s going to lead to an ugly confrontation that will ultimately tear the team apart. And then, Clementine will get taken away. CLIFFHANGER ENDING ALERT.

* It should be noted that these predictions are based on my personal playthrough and the decisions I made, so my predictions might not make sense if you made choices different than mine. Still, I’d like to hear your predictions for what’s going to go down in Episode 4. Leave them in the comments below!