I Noticed Something Strange In Borderlands 2…

First off, I’m only about 90% sure I’m hearing what I think I’m hearing.  Somebody help me out here.

The following video is the soundtrack to a relatively obscure N64 game called Turok: Rage Wars.  It was a somewhat different game experience than the previous Turok games: It was basically a collection of bot matches on a variety of multiplayer maps, but it was special to me.  I must have  put a thousand hours into that game as a child.  Anyway, note the primal scream at the very beginning of the video:

For years, that scream was burned into my brain, as it was the first thing you heard upon booting up the game.  Of course, I eventually gave up my N64 and promptly forgot all about Rage Wars…

…Until about a year ago.  I bought an N64 from my buddy around that time, and was having a blast with it.  I had never played through Ocarina of Time until then, and was really enjoying doing so.  After beating it, I thought back to my childhood for what game I wanted next.  “Rage Wars!”, my childhood screamed.  So I went to eBay, bought it, and sat next to the door for about a week while I waited on it.

It came in, I ripped it open, and began playing.  That all-too familiar scream greeted me, and I was absorbed back in.  But that’s another story.  Bear with me, there is a point here.

So I was playing Borderlands 2 the other day, and I was travelling through the Highlands, a mid-level area.  I’m doing my thing, killing Stalkers, when I hear a suspiciously familiar scream.

Couldn’t be.

I waited around for a few minutes, and there it was again.  The same scream from Turok.  Except it couldn’t be, right?  That would make no sense. Gearbox created Borderlands 2.  Turok: Rage Wars was developed by Acclaim.  WTF?  I listened to it a few more times, then hooked up my 64 and popped Rage Wars in.

It was the exact same scream.

Whoa.  What?  I went to YouTube and tried searching for a clip of the Highlands featuring the scream, but only had partial luck.   If you listen at the very beginning, you can catch the second half of the scream.  It’s not super clear, but it is obviously there:

It’s the same scream.  The exact same scream.  What is going on?  Is there just some big soundeffect tank out there that developers draw from?  Or is this some freak accident.  I have to imagine I’m the only one who has noticed this, because I’m pretty sure I’m the only person to play Rage Wars in the last decade.  Am I crazy?  The video isn’t the best way to hear it, though.  I’m telling you:  Listen to the Turok video a couple times, then travel around the Highlands.  You’ll hear it.  I want answers, Gearbox!


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  1. Beveon

    I noticed the same thing!!! So glad you wrote about it haha…
    I was wondering if it was a Tribute of some kind? Maybe someone who worked on Rage Wars worked on BL2?
    Not sure but thanks for posting this up, im not crazy haha.. Well, not yet :O

  2. ShaunHopton

    O my god im sooo glad someone caught this also.. it was a instant nostalgic feeling as soon as i heard that yell/scream … So Glad others hada a bond with that game like i did… definately burnt into my brain as well.

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