How To Get The Up High, Down Low Achievement In Borderlands 2

If you want to simultaneously  make Claptrap the happiest robot in the world and earn yourself a cool 15 gamerscore, check out these detailed instructions.  You only have one shot at it, but don’t worry.  It’s super easy.  If you don’t want those things, you may want to get yourself checked out.  You could be a cynical buzzkill, and that is a serious problem.

What you want to do is complete the main quest line until you reach the Wildlife Preservation quest, which takes you to an area called the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.  After meeting up with Mordecai, the playable Hunter from the first Borderlands, he tasks you with rescuing his pet bird Bloodwing.  Fighting your way through the army Handsome Jack throws your way on this mission is no easy task, so you’ll want to be at least level 17 or so before attempting to tackle this particular challenge.

After…retrieving Bloodwing and returning to Sanctuary, Roland will ask you to deliver a software upgrade to your “good buddy” Claptrap.  This is your cue, so get ready.  After delivering the upgrade, Claptrap will showoff one of his newfound talents: invisibility.  Upon discovering this, he naturally wants some quantification in the form of a high-five.  Unfortunately, he is invisible.  Just blindly flail around, and, if you’re lucky, the achievement will pop up.  If he becomes opaque again, it’s too late.  You missed your chance.

Just kidding.  Upon regaining visibility, Claptrap will inquire as to the possibility of a high five.  Loudly, and often.  As with most of the dialogue in this game, its humorous to listen to him beg for a little bit before indulging him.  But to land the points, of both the gamer and cool variety, aim a melee attack at his upraised hand.  You’ll look hip, Claptrap will fall in love and, most importantly, your gamerscore goes up another notch.