The Weekender 09/29

I would like to start a post every weekend on a bunch of articles from this site or from around the web that I find to be interesting. Hope you enjoy the first of many.


The economics of video games

Inflation can be a headache for any central banker. But it takes a certain type of economist to know what to do when a belligerent spaceship fleet attacks an interstellar trading post, causing mineral prices to surge across the galaxy. – Washingtonpost

The Zen of Video Games – Reverse Piracy

I’m a lot of things, most notably incredibly socially awkward and gifted with amazing sexual prowess. But I’m a little ashamed to admit that I also used to be….buck up, lad, be brave enough to say it….I used to be a salty sea dog. – Leviathyn

Twisted Lands and Installer Review

What differentiates a good hidden-object game from a bad one? Judging from the Twisted Lands trilogy, it‘s story. A good story, like the ones found in Shadow Town and Insomniac, makes an experience enjoyable but a bad one, like in Origin, will bore a person to tears.  In addition, the install process is one of the worst I have ever seen. – TruePCGamer


From the Reels

See It or Skip It: Dredd 3D

The nice thing about this film as an entry point into Dredd’s world is that everything you need to know is given to you in the first few minutes of the film. – Leviathyn

1’s and 0’s

The Surveillance Economy

The Wall Street Journal has cataloged more than 20 different ways information about people can be recorded during everyday activities. – WSJ