Mists of Pandaria Poor Sales?

The projection of sales for the latest World of Warcraft expansion seems to be, well, disappointing. Massively seems to have the scoop that investment firm Lazard Capital have estimated that sales for the new expansion are in the range of 600,000 to 700,000. This is well below the range for previous sales such as Cataclysm, which sold some 3.3 million copies during its first week of sale.

However one thing they fail to mention is digital sales, since this seems to only imply bought in store sales or physical copies. Most if not all WoW fans still own the original game and are connected via BattleNet to make a digital sale a click of the mouse.

While VentureBeat believes this won’t change sales much, I believe different. I’m actually surprised that many physical copies were sold compared to digtital. Although yet to be released, my guess is sales are pretty fair. Maybe not 3.3 million, but way over a million easy.


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