ModMojo Daily – How to Setup FTP for Wordress

WordPress, one of the best known blogging platforms (heck, even this site runs it), has plenty of options and customization’s to go around. Need a new theme, check, how about a plugin for tweeting? check again. What about uploading images? Check again. Those familiar with WordPress  know all the ins and outs of WordPress, but what about the simple tweaks that make using WordPress that much easier?

Today on ModMojo:

How to Setup FTP Access for WordPress

WordPress Connection Information Page

So if you are like me, you install plugins, perhaps even themes. If you are or if you’re new to the whole WordPress system, you’ll notice that shortly after selecting the plugin you want to install or theme you wish to download, you’ll be confronted by a page for FTP Access or more simply, the method of downloading the content and where to place it.

File Transfer Protocol of better known as FTP, is the method many servers use to transfer files from one location to another. It’s usually the default transfer method chosen by hosting companies too for you to upload files to your hosting package or dedicated server. WordPress uses this protocol too, for downloading and installing plugins and themes.

But you might wonder what your username is and or the hostname to connect to as well as your password. Finding this information can usually be obtained through your hosting provider. Well that would seem easy, but what about a method to save that information so you don’t have to keep typing it in every time you install or remove a plugin? What if you gave Admin rights to other staff members and don’t wish to share this information but they need to be able to upload new plugins?

Behold there is an easy fix for your troubles, you can simply add this information into the configuration file in wordpress to bypass this prompt and upload or remove the plugins, files, themes in question. Do edit the wordpress configuration file, check out the steps below:

How to Edit The WordPress Configuration File

When you install WordPress for the first time, this file is created. In it are all the settings for how to connect to your database or is this WP installation a multisite, are you using usernames in a cross domain?

This file is better known as wp-config.php , which resides in the root directory of the WP install. To edit this file all you need to do is either download it via FTP (from windows, in browser or using a free FTP program, see our FileZilla post)

Once you download the file you can open it in an editor (Frontpage, DreamWeaver, Sublime Text) or if you’re using Windows, Notepad will do.

Right after define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);

You can place this code:

define(‘FTP_HOST’, ‘localhost’);
define(‘FTP_USER’, ‘user’);
define(‘FTP_PASS’, ‘pass’);

Make sure you then change localhost, user, and pass to your FTP server, the FTP username and FTP password. Note – Many times the FTP server is the same as the hosting server you are on and therefore you do not need to replace localhost.

Once you’re done editing the file, save it and upload it back in the root directory of where WordPress is installed. Congrats, you should now be able to download plugins with out having to worry about entering your FTP username and password!

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