Elementary Dear Watson – Pilot Review

So the time is now for the TV Show Elementary, a CBS show about a modern day Sherlock Holmes staring Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as Watson. Now disclaimer, I have seen and watched all of the BBC’s Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch. And now for the show, please be advised the following contains spoilers!

So starting off the show starts with Ms Watson meeting with Sherlock as a replacement therapist for his alcohol and drug abuse. After a few words between the two and a few questions on Sherlock’s habits they’re off down town to a row home for a kidnapping. At this point Sherlock begins to portray the person you expect, an intelligent, keen, and witty person asking for the cellphone of the victim.

At this point it’s hard to judge the show, you know what to expect of how Sherlock is to react and his personality. It also becomes apparent that Ms. Watson has something to hid by her constantly saying she “was a doctor”, as in at one time.

Later on in the show Sherlock puts together through pieces of information and visual reading of the Dr. that she has been visiting the grave of a person who died on her operating table, hence why she is no longer “doctor”. It’s the typical break down you expect of Sherlock, again coming to a conclusion by just reading the person by their looks, motions, and actions. One of the aspects I miss though, and the BBC Sherlock does is shows clips of all the pieces coming together as if you were looking through the eyes of Sherlock. But I expect this type of camera work is trademarked for the BBC show.


So the first thing everyone will want to know right out of the gate is how well do the characters of the show portray Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Do they work well together and does the theme run smooth. As only being the first episode, it’s hard to get an entire reading on the build up of the characters, but I am a bit disappointed. It seems Dr. Watson (Lucy Liu) is shallow in the show, as in not deeply involved or interested in Sherlock to begin with. There is not the magical moment yet where you feel this is working out for the two, but perhaps later in the series there will be that connection.

The Script / Plot

I feel the show is somehow being rushed, it jumps around very quickly to the point you’re not even sure what just happened. And most if not all the show revolves around cell or mobile phones; everything done here and there or footage from the scene is done through the phone. Again, this is something from the BBC version of the show.  I’m not convinced yet on the plot of the story, I’m not having the special moments of working together yet or the quality time of those moments. Suggestion would be to slow down the story a bit, stretch out the scenes. It seemed to hope around 5 different scenes in 3 minutes time. And the ending part where they just through in some music to call it a day came off more cheesy then a job well done moment.

At this point, I’m not convinced the show will become a masterpiece or something everyone will be talking about the next day. However, I won’t be throwing the show out either just because the pilot seemed rushed. Time does and always will tell how the show will do in ratings and direction. Again, I believe the hardest part is to remove the check list I came in with because of the BBC version of the Sherlock. It’s something hard to match against and if Elementary wants to go places and make me feel like being there, some more in depth scenes are needed.