This Is Why You Never Play An MMO Expansion On Launch Day

Heading out to buy Mists of Pandaria today? Did you attend the midnight launch somewhere and rush home? Are you dense?

Sorry, that was rude. I meant to ask, do you not remember the other expansion launches? Does no one remember the kind of crap we always go through when this day hits? It boggles my mind how many people rush out to get the new expansion at midnight or the AM hours just to come home to a bonafied cluster$&@# of a mess.

Look, no matter the news in recently memory, World of Warcraft is still a giant, huge, big game. Servers are normally packed to the brim and if not, it doesn’t mean a metric ton of people aren’t on there. When something like this hits, everyone congregates to play. So what happens? World server outages. Quest targets nearly impossible tag. Quest NPCs hogged up by mammoth mounts and proto drakes. General douchebaggery from elitists telling you to marco general commands to play the game. Plenty of server restarts for hotfixes. Exploiters exploiting. Starting zones unbelievably crowded. Lag. Lag. More lag. Oh, look, more lag! Game services unavailable due to the volume of requests.

The worst of them all? The complainers. Oh, the complainers! “Blizzard should have been ready for this!” “LAG! Why is there so much lag!?” “MoP is a failure! Launch day problems show this to be fact!” “Ban the mammoth riders!” “Customer service is busy which means it is a joke today so that means it has been forever!” “RAWR!”

Seriously, if you are a veteran of World of Warcraft and you make topics like this on forums, the in-game chat, or anywhere, just please… step away and reevaluate yourself. You’ve been through this same exact thing with Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm. A fourth expansion is not going to buck this trend.

If you are new to World of Warcraft with Mists of Pandaria, welcome to Expansion Day! Never put yourself through this again.

I know people are going to argue with me that you “have to level because of your guild”, “have to try and get that realm first achievement”, or “that’s the spirit of the game!” but honestly, all it comes up with is frustration and anger. It brings out the worst in this game’s community all because they can’t learn from past mistakes and remember to not give a flying hoot about the first day or two of a new World of Warcraft expansion. Let the masses fly through the first few zones and allow yourself to have a nice flow and fun experience.

I absolutely can’t feel any remorse for the vets who still take days off of work for new expansions. I love hearing the complaint “I took of work for this and I can’t even click on the quest NPC!” Well, duh. First off, I hope you rescheduled your work days so you make the same money you should be making. Secondly, you knew this was going to happen.

Don’t play WoW? Think I’m over-reacting? Take a look at these pictures below that support what I’m saying. Click them to enlarge.

And remember, play smart and have fun. Don’t put yourself in stressful situations like this. Also, don’t chuck the panda around the room. It isn’t his fault.


Quest target hogging. The bane of all expansion levelers. If you look closely, you may see 2 pixels of the quest NPC. Somewhere.



Heading into PvP as a new monk? Well, get ready to see battlegrounds like this. All monks. 24/7. Rain, snow, or sleet. Get to know these people. They’ll be your friends for a long time.



See this guy? He’s a known exploiter and he made his way to level 90 in four hours while exploiting an instant respawn of a rare mob. Needless to say, he isn’t 90 anymore and Blizzard is taking the same action to anyone doing the same thing. Level normally, folks.



Another quest hogging display. Remember the mammoth riders I was talking about? Check the chat window in this pic. Seriously, get the hell off the mammoth.



This is a part of a guided quest level 85’s will experience as soon as they hit the new continent. You’re tasked with destroying ships and soldiers in your aerial vehicle. Uh… good luck with that.



Images courtesy of’s r/gaming and r/wow subreddits.