Black Ops 2 for PS3 to feature optional texture pack installation

According to an Activision representative, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will allow PlayStation 3 owners to download and install an optional texture pack. For PlayStation owners who bought Battlefield 3, this will feel like deja vu. Unlike DICE’s shooter that looks like utter garbage without the texture pack for it, however, Black Ops 2 will look just fine. The game’s visuals will remain the same, even if you choose to not install the texture pack.

The texture pack is intended to lessen the strain on the PS3’s Blu-Ray drive while you’re completing those night-long sessions of Black Ops 2. According to Game Design Director David Vonderhaar, the texture pack was actually more of a response to a demand for it. Vonderhaar explains that “when we explained to PS3 folks that installing to the HDD wouldn’t neccessarily[sic] give us any significant performance gains, they explained back that the issue is they play so much it puts constant stress on the Blu-ray drive and wears them out.”

As for how much space the texture pack will take up, Vonderhaar claims it will take up a “non-trivial amount” of space, though no firm number was given. Xbox 360 owners will not receive the optional texture pack install.


Source: Joystiq