Great Things Are In Store For Sony and PlayStation Fans

Big (and initially a tad bit frightening) news hit late last night about GameStop’s release dates for the rest of the PlayStation brand’s 2012 releases being deleted. This comes off the heels of the PR department being gutted inside and out over at SCEA. Sony has been going through massive changes lately ever since a huge restructuring initiative began. Although all things PlayStation were spared from the chopping block, the doom and gloom nay-sayers were still rampant. I’ll admit, even I was skeptic about Sony’s future.

That all has to stop, though. Sony has taken great strides in making sure, at least, their PlayStation brand grows stronger from this restructuring initiative. Let’s take a look at how gamers who own Sony gaming products can be assured that things are looking even brighter than before.

The exclusives just keep pumping out

The PlayStation 3 has had a bumpy road to get to the kind of success it has seen in the past couple years. Still, the one aspect that has always been strong is the exclusive line-up. Every year Sony throws out a large number of exclusive AAA games that never cease to stun gamers and the competition. While it is impossible to out-exclusive the Wii with its landfills of shovelware, the quality of the PS3’s PlayStation-only shelves are the highest of the three current gen consoles.

When you think back to the heavy hitters on both the PS3 and PSP like the Uncharted series, Demon’s Souls, Metal Gear Solid 4, Monster Hunter Freedom, Heavy Rain, and Resistance you can’t just be happy that so many top notch developers have chosen Sony’s arrangement of devices for their games. Still, the party ain’t over yet. Even recently we’ve seen games hit stores and the PSN like Tales of Graces F and Gravity Rush. PlayStation is no where close to stopping the exclusive train.

Need some proof? Look forward to these exclusives: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Killzone HD, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, God of War Ascension, Ragnarok Odyssey, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Black Ops Declassified, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Soul Sacrifice, Final Fantasy X HD, God Eater 2, and even more.

Sales are still pretty high

The PS3 might not be the best selling console right now but this late into the generation curve weekly sales of over 124,000 consoles globally is pretty impressive. The Vita is still struggling but news of the new game announcements from TGS and Gamescom seems to be helping out a tad. I expect Vita sales to top 50k a week globally and growing rapidly by December. The PSP is still a beast and continues to help Sony’s revenue with over 24,000 units selling weekly.

This is a great trend for Sony’s devices and with more functionality, new games, exclusives, and bundle deals these numbers will only grow higher the rest of the year. Sony typically does pretty well during the US holiday season which is getting ready to gear up.

The “Super Slim” PS3 redesign should garner some great holiday attention

The Super Slim is debuting at a great time. With Black Friday and Christmas going full swing by the time these top-loading models release, Sony should be seeing great system sales due to the lower price and bundle appeal with Assassin’s Creed III and Uncharted 3.

While not sacrificing much, the new Super Slim PS3s are a pretty good deal for those thinking about finally getting into the system. With a giant backlog built up featuring amazing exclusives, you couldn’t ask for a better time to buy into the PlayStation 3.

Vita games. Vita games everywhere.

Gamescom was the E3 the Vita deserved. Even after that, Tokyo Games Show gave Vita owners or prospecting owners plenty to drool over. With Sony getting really into the Cross Platform feature both in-game and in retail stores, the aspect of owning both a PS3 and a Vita is that much more enticing. In fact, Sony has announced that one of their most anticipated exclusives, PlayStation All-Stars, will benefit from Cross Platform, allowing purchasers of the PS3 version to have full access to the Vita version for no extra cost.

Cross platforming aside, there are many great and exciting games getting released for the Vita this Fall, Winter, and Spring. Get your Vita now while people are selling them off cheap! You won’t regret it when the influx of software begins to hit the shelves.

Oh, and you can’t forget that PSN Plus is headed to Sony’s new handheld!

The marketing team is gone!

This may be the best part of this post. The marketing team over at SCEA has been atrocious for years with the Kevin Butler campaign being a rare but extremely effective tool that somehow came out of the PR department. The PSP was horribly affected by the marketing Sony approved and put in service. While much of the blame can be put on the execs for allowing such garbage on the TV or in-game, the damage can no longer be intensified. I hope…

This move makes plenty of sense and should have happened years ago when the white PSP was coming out and that awful racist billboard ad came popping-up around the major highways in America.

No reason to be alarmed by the release dates being deleted from GameStop’s system. It is most likely that Sony is preparing a giant ad campaign for the rest of 2012’s release schedule.


Nothing is stopping Sony from ending this generation on a very high note. If you own a PS3, PSP, or a Vita you are in for a treat this Fall and Holiday season. PlayStation fans have plenty to be happy about with this sort of outlook into your devices.

However, Sony isn’t the only company with gaming devices out there right now. We’ll take a look at Microsoft and Nintendo later on this week. Until then, game on and pray that I get better at Madden on my Vita. The Cincinnati Bengals just beat my Redskins in my season mode. I hope that doesn’t happen in real life today.



What has been your favorite part about Sony this generation? Let us know below in the comments!

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  1. shivvy24

    im just happy the marketing guys are gone ! they were horrific ! in australia we barely see anything from sony on tv etc ! faark i remember when a bus company “hillsbus” put up a huge cod MW3 stick on poster on every one of their busses

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