Are Video Games Still Lame?

Do you remember your childhood days when video games were lame? When in elementary or middle school when talking about Pokemon or Zelda was considered uncool?

Fast forward a couple years and I find myself as a college student.. And I see that things are changing. On campus it’s just as acceptable for me to talk about video games as it is sports or parties. It’s even more acceptable than talking about politics or current events. I don’t even think I’ve found a single college aged man in my classes that doesn’t have some kind of console sitting at home.

I also work as a full time chef at a local fine dining restaurant. And it’s the same situation there with an older crowd. All of the chefs and wait staff, most of which are 25-40 are even more into video games than their college aged counterparts. Playing video games used to be a childish past time, but now it’s totally ok for working fathers to spend their money on the next Halo or Mass Effect.

When video games started getting a mainstream following it was only the Call of Dutys and Halos that were acceptable to be a “fan” of. Video games were starting to get popular, but only specific ones. Now it’s opened up to games of all genres. It’s not lame to play Call of Duty, but it’s also not lame to play Skyrim or Fallout anymore either.

I try to keep up with video game news because I’m a hard core video game fan and happen to write weekly articles on the subject. So it’s obvious that I’ve seen the footage for every cool looking game coming out anytime soon. What’s interesting is every other person I talk to has the same knowledge. Some of them even know more about upcoming releases than I do!

Of course video games are becoming an accepted past time, if not a cool one among this generation’s males. But what’s even more surprising is that it’s becoming cool for girls to get into video games.

You might have been picked on in elementry school for playing video games if you were a guy. But it was way worse if you were playing video games as a girl. Video games were never a feminine activity. Now it’s quiet the opposite. Because more guys are playing video games they want to be able to sit down with their girlfriends and play games. Now it’s an attractive for women to be into video games, or at least hold their own in a team deathmatch game.

Another reason both men and women seem to be getting into video games is the casual game market. Even people who don’t consider themselves “gamers” might have a game on their phone or tablet. The whole world is beginning to discover that video games are a great past time, and why shouldn’t they be playing them.

The video game world is expanding, gaining more and more fans as the industry grows. Playing MMOs or intense RPGs might still not be acceptable. But if you look at how things are progressing it’s only a matter of time.