Bringing Morrowind Back

Attention Elder Scrolls fans! One of the creators of Morroblivion has announced his latest project: Skywind. Morroblivion was the famous mod that brought Morrowind’s world, full of it’s quests and creatures into the updated Oblivion engine. Skywind is taking the idea to the next level, and porting Morrowind into the best selling Skyrim engine. Soon you’ll be able to replay Morrowind with the stellar graphics and mechanics Bethesda made for Skyrim.

This is awesome news. For long time Elder Scrolls fans Morrowind continues to be considered the best of the series. But for new fans that didn’t start playing until Oblivion or Skyrim it can be hard to get into a game that came out over 10 years ago. There’s a difficulty difference, not just in the monsters, but also in the mechanics. And there’s also the graphics difference, which for some people is too big of a hurdle to overcome. Luckily by having the Morrowind world ported into the Skyrim engine the graphics and the mechanics will be just like Skyrim’s.

This mod will allow a whole new group of players to experience the Morrowind world in a familiar way. It’s a totally different game then Oblivion and Skyrim. And while players might not be getting the full effect by playing with a different set of rules, it’s still cool they’ll get to experience a different part of Tamriel. It brings back the old lore of the Elder Scrolls world and is sure to add depth to many player’s experiences.


After hearing that the modder Eloth was tackling such a big project I started thinking… Why don’t more games do things like this? I can think of a ton of old games that I’d enjoy playing with updated graphics and some new changes to the content. And companies that have made recent remakes, like 343 Studio’s remake of the original Halo, have done pretty well in sales.

If other modders start tackling projects like Eloth is I wouldn’t be surprised if we started to see the developers of video games start doing the same things. With a team as big as Bethesda’s it can’t be that hard to port their old game into their new engine. It would make sense for their company to do it because they could make a lot of money by recycling old content and ideas.

If companies like Bethesda hop on board with projects like this everyone would benefit. They’d get an increase in sales, and we’d get to replay our favorite games with new graphics and content. But even if they don’t we can hope that true fans like Eloth and the creators of Morroblivion will continue to sacrifice their time and do this awesome work.