Randy Pitchford Doesn’t Want You Editing Your Borderlands 2 Files

You may have heard about a very, very easy change to an INI file for Borderlands 2 that gives players access to infinity Golden Keys and free promotional items. If you have and INI configuration is something you are used to, I would stay away from this one. If you have no idea what an INI file is, now is not the best time to go learn.

There seems to be an extremely easy and accessible way to change one of Borderlands 2’s INI files to unlock a potentially game breaking amount of Golden Keys. You could also unlock all the promotional pre-order items. Don’t expect links or an instruction guide here, you won’t find it. Instead we’re sending along a warning from Gearbox’s president Randy Pitchford.


Tyler Gates ‏@Tgizzlevc

@DuvalMagic Much love for borderlands 2! What corrective action can we anticipate for the golden keys exploit?


Randy Pitchford@DuvalMagic

@Tgizzlevc not sure yet. May strip keys. We may strip gear. We have to make some decisions…


You can find those tweets at this link for confirmation. While the exact action Gearbox may take is uncertain, this is a clear indication that they are not happy about the exploit. Yes, the method is easy and it shouldn’t have been but when you’re talking about unlocking content most people had to pay for, you should know there will be consequences. It should be relatively easy to find the culprits, as well. Search for players connected online who have unlocked certain promo items and check for keys to match the account. No keys? You get punished. Keys? Continue enjoying the game.

There will be those who fain ignorance and use the excuse that hey, it was an INI option that shouldn’t have been there. While true, that doesn’t mean you should give yourself 255 Golden Keys and Premiere Club access.

If you have yet to do this or have never heard of it, use this post as a warning that you really, really shouldn’t mess with this game’s INI files right now.

Borderlands 2 released the 18th and sits atop of Steam’s player count list with over 97,000 players. This trounces the other games by just about 50,000 players. It wold be interesting to know how many of them have exploited this INI change.


UPDATE: Randy and Gearbox have updated the game getting rid of the exploit. He also had some tweets to send out.


Golden Keys. Exploit patched, no punishment (we get the temptation: doors unlocked, keys in the ignition).

Be cool. We all know when we’re cheating, so be good. I’ll be giving tons of Golden Keys soon.



Have you exploited this INI within Borderlands 2? If so, why?