Quick Thoughts: Torchlight 2 and Borderlands 2

While we have two full reviews of these massive releases coming soon, everyone is foaming at the mouth for some quick thoughts from around the internet. While Borderlands 2 has just assaulted store shelves and Steam’s Top Sellers list, Torchlight 2 is nearly here with its release scheduled for tomorrow. These two games signify the beginning of the fall release schedule and you couldn’t ask for a better beginning.

We’ll take some quick looks at my progress so far with both games and some candid thoughts. We’ll begin just outside of the devastated town of Torchlight.



I have this annoying friend who does nothing but talk about Torchlight 2. Ever since Diablo 3 released, it was all he could talk about. Anytime he saw us playing Blizzard’s dark sequel, he would get into this rant about how Diablo 3 was a bad game and Torchlight 2 will trounce it. Well, now that I look back at it and having spent several hours with Torchlight 2 already, I have to agree. I never thought I’d say that.

We all know how Diablo 3 panned out. It was a good game! It just, in no way, lived up to its predecessor. Diablo 2 is a timeless game. It will live forever in our hearts and has spawned a ton of “clones” and nearly an entire genre itself. The hype and expectation for Diablo 3 was quite literally impossible to achieve. It would’ve had to of been the most perfect-est game, ever. As we all know, there is no such thing as a perfect-est game. Nor a perfect one.

So Diablo 3 came and went and disappointment rang the bells in every household, town hall, and video game blog.

Let me help by raising your hopes, dear dungeon crawlers. Torchlight 2 is every bit the game you wished Diablo 3 would have been: a spiritual successor to Diablo 2.

You will have plenty to find, kill, figure out, phase in, phase out, loot, reap, and whatever other words you can come up with. It’s there! Torchlight 2 is a huge game and it is filled to the brim. There has not been a dull second in the game so far. In fact, I’m enjoying the gameplay so much that I can’t for the life of me remember the story for Act I. I have to go replay it because I cared way too much on gameplay and loot. Is this a bad thing? Maybe for the development team’s story-tellers but I’ll tell ya, this game’s gameplay is so addicting, smooth, and fun.

One last thing: DEM BOSSES.




Man, Pandora has changed. So far it seems like just the menus and world have, though. I keep getting the feeling that all I’m playing is Borderlands 1 on steroids. It is basically the same game with some added features here and there. And you know what?


Borderlands 1 had some pretty refined gameplay. It played well and you couldn’t really ask anymore from it. Borderlands 2 takes you back to that but upgrades and enhances the experience along the way. The game’s story is actually fun to follow this time around and you’ll have plenty to laugh about with the way humor is prevalent in this sequel.

In a way I feel like I’m playing two of the same but from different perspectives. I got one in first person and the other in a bird’s eye view. However, both games give a distinct difference in how I play them and how I feel while playing them. Torchlight 2 gives me a nice, relaxed experience with bouts of intense boss fights and the excitement of finding a rare item. Borderlands 2 normally keeps me on my toes as many things in this game can kill you and unless you are fighting just one enemy, you’re in for a fight.

Pandora has changed, the classes have changes, but the core values that made the first game so unique and fun are still intact and better than ever. You’ll feel at home with Borderlands 2 but it will be like someone rearranged your furniture while you were out and you end up loving the new look.


So what are you waiting for?! Reviews or something?! Oh… yeah… Well, I can promise you I’m working on them. Both games have plenty and plenty of content to rummage through so expect these bad boys soon. In the mean time, if you are wondering if you should purchase these two games, you gotta ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want Torchlight or Diablo 2 on steroids?
  2. Do you want Pandora back in your life and a chance to tour the new downtown area?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, you have your answer. Stay tuned for the reviews!



In the comments section below, let us know if you are planning on buying these games and why.

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  1. SlenderVoid

    already preordered both of them!!
    Torchlight 2? my girlfriend is the main reason, though after the “Diablo 3 vs Torchlight 2” and the game’s review… let me tell you, you stroke that place in my heart that wanted Diablo 3 to be at least as good as Diablo 2 but was hurt so much it had to lock itself up… thanks to you it came out looking for something to love (yeah, had a gay moment there lol)
    Borderlands 2… well that nice humor Gearbox has is what caught me and it’s what im enjoying more than ever… even when the game have not been released at my region

  2. Jeremy Springfield

    I am really enjoying my 2nd romp through Pandora. Although I feel like the guns no longer shoot bullets. They’re either elemental, or rockets, or grenades. That’s not a bad thing, mind you.

  3. Martin

    For 30 minutes in the Czech Republic September 20, 2012, but the steam just says that we are one day ahead of time as possible?: (

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