Intrusion 2

Intrusion 2

A military corporation is conducting forbidden weapon research on a backwater planet. Armed with a pistol and other weapons you pick up along the way, or take from your dead enemies, it’s up to you to clean up the situation.

Intrusion 2 will is a platformer reminiscent of Contra and Shinobi, and it does the legacy of those games proud. The game doesn’t stop there, it adds physics to the pot. You can kill enemies with boulders and slabs of rock, hold onto ropes and electrical wires with one hand while you shoot down enemies below you, or jump up ledges to gain altitude and firing advantage. Roll a snowball ahead of you, and it’ll get bigger as it moves along, shoot ice formations and the break apart, allowing access to more of the level.  Pieces of the environment are destructible, which is always fun, but it also can be used to plan ways to eliminate your enemy if you’re devious. Jumping is very important, not only for moving around the level, but also for leaping over your enemy and raining down death from above. Bullets fired have a fairly long range, so it’s entirely possible that you can kill and enemy and still die because you couldn’t dodge the bullets coming at you. Enemies range from robots that explode and rolling gun turrets to guys with guns and stationary cannons that are triggered when you get touched by their laser sights. The mouse aims your gun, which can sometimes be a pain if you’re not used to aiming that way. Debris from killed enemies or broken pieces of the environment can impede progress and also keep a player from reaching healing orbs or weapons, but it doesn’t happen very often.

Intrusion 2 has some complex enemy scenarios and rewards careful players who use consideration in figuring out how to take them down without dying. I’m a shoot-em up kind of player, but I managed to shoot my way through the tough parts after dying a few times. The boss fights are a different matter, definitely need a bit of strategy for those. The game likes to challenge the player, and it’s great fun to figure out how to defeat the levels and stay alive as well.

Like I said before, Intrusion 2 reminds me a lot of Contra, and that makes me love this game all the more. The enemies are always visually interesting, like men with jetpacks or weird robot monsters that look like big snakes or dragons. This is a wonderful change from the endless hordes of zombies wearing different clothes or orcs that all look vaguely the same except for a change in what weapon they wield. I always wanted to get to the next screen or the next level so that I could see what kind of crazy monster the developers had come up with next. And the creatures you ride or the suits you can get into make the whole game a ton more fun and I like the gonzo feel of attacking a robot from the back of a giant wolf. One thing that sort of bothered me was that you had to use up a lot of ammo on breaking things in the environment to progress. The game doesn’t give you massive amounts of reloads, so having to shoot three or four bullets into an ice stalagmite seemed excessive. I did enjoy being able to kill some enemies by shooting their explosive allies.

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Paul reviews Intrusion 2 for the PC.

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