World of Warcraft’s Next Book Is About To Troll You

World of Warcraft is extremely lore heavy. In fact, you could spend days reading wiki pages learning things you never knew about even if you’ve been playing since the RTS days. Warcraft is rich with epic events, huge wars, and trolls. Lots of trolls. No, I’m not talking about most of the community. I’m talking about the race within the franchise. Trolls have many variations in the game such as Jungle, Dark, Island, Forest, and Ice. The ones players can play as are classified as Island Trolls and the leader of these tusked warriors is Vol’jin.

Vol’jin is sort of a fan favorite NPC, much like Rexxar, Saurfang, Hogger, Cairne, and Captain Placeholder. Holy crap, most of those are Horde characters… never noticed that. Ahem! Anyways, Vol’jin got a huge upgrade with Cataclysm when the Echo Isles were retaken and the Darkspear trolls got their home back. The Trolls no longer needed to share a 1-10 starting area with the Orcs and it makes sense since Vol’jin was very open about not liking the new Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream. In fact, with Cairne’s death at the hands of the bloodthirsty Orc and the events that led up to Mists of Pandaria, Vol’jin told Garrosh that he would kill him given the chance.

This new book is going to expand on that budding rivalry. Here’s the official response from Blizzard:


If you’re getting psyched about the storyline, I think you’ll love the next novel which focuses on Vol’jin. Have you played the troll 1-10 intro experience? Vol’jin flat-out tells Garrosh he doesn’t trust him and he’ll stab him in the back the moment he sees an opportunity. The novel carries his story forward and really meshes in with the events of patch 5.1.

One of our ongoing goals is to make sure that the games and novels complement each other, and that major lore events don’t happen in the novels without some kind of representation in-game. This is a huge challenge for us!! But I think we’re getting better at it.


No title or date was given for the book but with Mists of Pandaria hitting very soon, you can be sure we’ll hear some more details soon.