Where are they now? GFW Radio Edition

One of my favorite gaming podcasts of all time was the Games for Windows Radio podcast, on All of the members of the podcast have gone on to do great things after the podcast ended and they all quit or were laid off, many ending up with their dream jobs. Here is where they are now.

Jeff Green– After a brief stint at Maxis, working on The MySims game, the former podcast host and Games for Windows Magazine editor-in-chief is now working at Popcap, creators of such beloved titles as Bejeweled, Peggle, and Plants vs. Zombies. Recently, he said that he felt lost while at Maxis, but has now truly found his niche at Popcap.

Sean Molloy– If I’m jealous of any of these former podcasters, it’s Sean Molloy, who somehow managed to land a gig at Blizzard Entertainment, perhaps the most prestigious game developer in the world. That’s pretty much all he’s done since GFW Radio, but I would give my left foot for that opportunity.

Darren Gladstone– Gladstone soon began to work for Hewlett-Packard as a technical blogger, and it still at it to this day. It certainly wasn’t a big jump from his former job in gaming journalism. While it may not be the most interesting story, the good thing is that he landed on his feet after leaving 1up.



Anthony Gallegos– The former intern at 1up that joined the podcast in its later years now works at IGN, basically doing the same thing he did before. For a period after being laid off from 1up, he and Arthur Gies, his roommate, started the Rebel FM podcast, which continues to this day.


Robert Ashley– When asked recently what he was doing, Ashley couldn’t really say. Technically, he’s unemployed, but has done a lot of work with his band, I Come To Shanghai. After leaving 1up, Ashley started a fantastic NPR-style gaming podcast called A Life Well Wasted, but it came out infrequently and only lasted perhaps ten episodes before it became too much work and too infrequent to continue.


Shawn Elliot– The classic funnyman on the podcast, Elliot was another person who got their dream job, at Irrational Games, creators of Bioshock. At first he didn’t like his role as a producer, he is now in his preferred role as a designer, on Bioshock Infinite.



Ryan Scott– The quietest member of GFW Radio, Ryan Scott has ironically become the most active and accessible alumnus of the podcast. Ryan’s website The Geekbox now hosts three podcasts, The Geekbox, The Comics Conspiracy, and The Comedy Button, all of which feature him in some capacity. Also, after several years of freelance writing, Ryan is now the editor-in-chief of the E3 Show Daily Magazine, along with